Saving Caius Thorn


I’ve been waiting for help with this issue for over 5 months I made a report a while ago but no one helped, the finally clue for saving Caius Thorn doesnt count as completed even though I did complete and on co-op, so idk what to do but I just wanna enjoy the game I paid for

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Saving Caius Thorn
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338 days ago
hi again, I fixed a couple issues in our backend system. Could you please take a look at the game to see whether you can progress now? Cheers!
341 days ago
My psn is foxx78_11 and my character name is foxx
341 days ago
Hi there,

I'm sorry to hear we weren't able to sort out your issue in the past. Could you please let me know what your in-game account name is so I can locate it and take a look at it? Cheers!