Rescue Mission not completable


Sometimes if I want to rescue those worthless subjects who get trapped by enemy forces, the just don't want to get rescued and don't step on the teleporters plate. I just want an option to slay those Guardsmen because they don't deserve my mercy anmore at this point!

Maybe some options to controll these pets would be nice too. I'd like to say that they don't have to follow, or hold guard... or I like to make them charge or to go to a specific point.

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Rescue Mission not completable
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5 years 13 days ago
It happens quite often !

The only way I found when it happened : try to push them (walk or dash) and eventually they will be walking towards the teleportation plate ^^

5 years 13 days ago
Through several missions we could not reproduce the issue.

If you ever encounter this issue again, could you please enter the chat /mapinfo and send it to us? We will check on it!