Rescue Criticism/Since my posts on Discussions are hidden and not addressed on Steam. I will post them here.


Why is the AI as dumb as rocks and runs into a fight just to die to an Elite Daemon Engine? What is the fetish with irritating me with a rescue mission in a Crusade? These missions are built around AI that literally is dashing to die to a tank and how am I supposed to save them? You place elite units at the extraction point only for them to die trying to kill or avoid them...... This is beyond irritating but I am sure other players may be having a similar frustration.

Blueprints are being limited, bear with me here. I appreciate your patience with this wall of text. Sometimes, I have issues with the wall of text situations. Again, this is constructive criticism not designed as beating people over the head with a bat. I have supported this game since the founder's situation and is a thoughtful post on the situation from a critical thinking standpoint/disclosure.

So, I have a bone to pick. Probably with a toothpick more a less, but why did the developers decide to make relic blueprints and blueprints above Artificer limited? It makes no benefit to players in general, I mean Players only have one life to live and you can't make more convoluted systems to acquire Archeotech gear and higher? As a player, I am literally discouraged from finding any Archeotech gear because I can find better relic gear than Arceotech or higher. Why stress it? You literally want us the players, to play this game for hours just to find maybe 1 piece of useful gear out of anything higher than relic gear.

So, basically, you are forcing me as a player when I load the game to waste more time grinding blueprints or even when I get a blueprint to craft the weapon. Then to find out the weapon I get has at "Archeotech Rarity" less than 3 enchantments out of 5. Then you have to account for the number of blueprints I have, let's say I have 10. Out of that 10 most likely 8 of them are garbage. Then maybe 1 might have 5 enchantments that I have to spend in-game credits to fix more than 3 of the enchants to make it somewhat of a decent item.

So, in reality, once I craft those items. I am technically at square one block one. I have lost my desire to find this equipment. I lost my desire to want this equipment. I lost progress. Somehow, you want me to still play the game and grind this out in "hopes" that I find another set of "gear/blueprints" to burn into a credit sinkhole to hope I get a "chance" at having epic gear. Are you trying to make me not play the game?

***Wait here is the catch*** Even with Tarot there is no certainty I can farm for what I am looking for whether it be blueprints or boltguns or armor. I mean I can't even farm for specific items ranged/melee/armor sets/seals/main implants.....all removed...just brilliant. Is this turning into an MMO?

Now, let us talk about leveling basically you have a system of leveling gear that is really not economical by any means. I have gear that is 20 levels lower than me that I cannot even get near my level even with millions of credits. So, now I am burning more time in a game that were having better gear literally affects just my gameplay. That I am being punished for playing or even getting blueprints for. That I have to burn my in-game credits for in a credit/crafting pit just for a slim chance to get an item I will out level at 84 that will be too expensive for me to level?

You have to think of the newer players coming to the game. Do you honestly believe this is encouraging to new players or even veterans for that matter? It really just says " I know you're spent your time getting a really rare item" but we want you to waste more time and resources on something you have already acquired but takes another ludicrous amount of time grinding to tweak to your liking. All for the single-player experience? Basically to me, levels are superficial and really have no weight in the game currently. Levels have been only damage and damage reduction modifiers to the character itself. Besides being able to do higher-level missions that basically do the same thing. It really is a false system that only has damage modifiers to the character in the mission. Other than passive points, the leveling system has no point.

You literally just made a system within a system to waste players' time pretty much. Remember, I am speaking from a player's perspective here respective of the work done. As a player, you want to be rewarded for your time which I will never get back. I only live once. It should be worth my time as a time investment. Why should anyone continue to search for this gear that basically has to be sunk hole credit dumped into oblivion for single player fun? I would really like to know

I appreciate you reading this post and allowing responses. I appreciate your time and responses in this thread. It is very much appreciated.

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191 days ago
Brother Kundari
Provided you are not in a cramped space and are forced to rescue the oblivious tikes because you ran into the same room as them, or risk them dying to the raiding party already ontop of them. Yep, im going to let the groups die to enemy groups because I entered room 1. Then, try to by pass other rooms losing two groups then attempt at killing everything before I take the path to extract...yes, not like I didn't think of this before.
1 year 191 days ago
Well, bro, I read every word of your thread,  I feel similar pain in these matters and I totally agree that the design of these mechanisms are rather suboptimal and some improvements are welcome.

Still, I believe these things are but small nuisances and can be tolerated. They really do not worth your anger :)

Personally, besides new content of the game, I think the only important thing is to have more balance between weapons and skills. This game has many interesting weapons and mechanisms, but only VERY FEW of them could be relied on at high levels (+18, -99% damage output). 

For example, very few, if any people, would use plasma gun/autogun/laser gun/melta gun/sniper rifle at +18 levels, let alone pistols, hah!  These weapons are too weak because they don't have the persistant, wide area attack like grav gun and heavy flamer. And they usually don't have good crowd control like the grenade launcher and shot gun. They cannot apply vulnerablility/debuff in an efficient way , so they fail. 

Also, Radical characters are less favored now because they don't have similar items like the Dot-immune holy armor, and they faces much more difficulties with the strong DoTs introduced in recent game changes.

I'm not bothered by the idea that I would play this game for many years, as long as it remains to be fun :)  Making most (if not all) weapons playable at hard levels,  would add the fun greatly. 


For the matters you mentioned above,  my experience is :

1. Silly AI taking suicide: Try to save them after clearing the way. They die so quickly at hard levels and this is often the only viable way to finish the task.

2. Limited blueprints and expensive leveling:  True, but I have already fogot about them, I'm rich enough from the droppings during season 3. I hope dev guys could remain generous in S4.

3. The level system is fair enough to me. At high levels (above +10)  we have higher chance to get  Lv 100 items, so they are not just damage modifiers. My only concern, like I said before, is that different weapons and morality systems should all be playable at +18 levels.

1 year 192 days ago

Well, if you are talking about the Rescue the one group that is locked behind the door. You should quite simply just clear the entire way to the final point before you go rescue the group. Easy. Don´t go too near the Group location 1st time passing and you´re fine.

If you´re talking about the Rescue the 3 Groups of Soldiers. You just go rescue 1st and go to the next and then in the end to the final Teleporter out. Mission done. Other then that I couldn´t care less about it.