Rerolling item stats feels deeply broken.


So today I was trying to reroll primary stat for one the standard relics, I spend well over 12mil and approximately well over 300 Relic crafting component only to have same about 8 variation respectively roll maybe 4-5 of them six to 8 times each. So my question is what is the point of rerolling if it cost over 300 relic items and over 12mil to just try reroll one primary stat. Add to that you can't even see if that specific item type is even possible to roll on that item. Why is it made so obscure, demotivating and uninformative as if to completely discourage the use of the feature all together.

I just don't get it, brought me to the point of just wishing to quit the game entirely. Bad game design in my opinion, if you're gonna have us waste that many resources at least let us see potential roll options we have. Maybe consider lowering the required crafting component to do the roll.

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Rerolling item stats feels deeply broken.
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1 year 118 days ago
I forwarded your feedback to the Endgame team who is actively working on the game. They will take your opinion and suggestion into consideration. Thanks!