Rerolled enchant bug


Hi there and sorry for the bad english!

i have found an bug after rerolling an deflect enchant value. the new value is not showing korrekt in the character menu.

after taking of the relic and taking on it. than the value is korekt!

here the results of my investigation:

here the main implant with the NOT rerolled deflect enchant with 4.6%

and the totaly deflect of 34%

here after the reroll we have now 7.4% . btw a damn good roll! so far so good.

But we have not the new value in the komplett deflect value.. its the value with the value before the reroll!

but i tride one thing.. to remove the main implant and put it again on!

AND TADAAAA: we have the korrect value of 37% deflect! the emporer is kidding... ääh protects

that problem i have with other rerolls too, like with all res. and after rerolling an komplett enchant i must remove the item too. after that the new enchant works korrekt!

Thanks youre Bolt Thrower!

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Rerolled enchant bug
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5 years 4 days ago
Van Bolt Thrower

It does this with the shards too but once you load the a mission your stats correct, annoying but at least your stats are correct if you forget.

5 years 4 days ago
no chnage after the last patch.