Psyker Anomaly Won't Despawn Visually


The psyker anomaly that is a column of light which follows the psyker and does damage has a visual bug. The bug causes an instance of the column of light to not despawn. It will stop doing damage after a certain time but the column of light stays until the end of the level, following the psyker. This makes it especially annoying when a legitimate spawns because it's impossible to tell which one is "real".

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Psyker Anomaly Won't Despawn Visually
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229 days ago

Hey there, thank you very much for your report. Do you think you could send me a video/screen recording of this occurrence, as I haven't yet encountered this issue? It would help a great deal in identifying the problem. You can contact me on this website's support chat, or DM me on our Discord server. My name on there is 'oeregharcos - Neocore Support'. Cheers!