Psiloi Vivisector


Does the self destruct skill of the Psiloi vivisector scale with increased construct HP? There have been some unverified rumors that it does. 

Does the destruct scale with Offensor module increased damage %?

Does the destruct skill benefit from the psalm doctrine +100% damage bonus to Construct?

The melee attacks seem to benefit from those , but i feel the destruct skill is a bit wonky. So i hope someone knows the facts about the self destruct skill. 

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Psiloi Vivisector
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1 year 299 days ago
Cerberus Hades
Thanks for the info.

And i meant the melee attack like Eviscerate from the construct.

1 year 300 days ago

1. that is impossible idk where ppl  are getting that information form 

2.of course it add bonus/ i run 15 of them at 15% dmg

3.yes it any dmg of  Construct 

4 melee attack should not be affect by any of what u listed. 

5 Psiloi Vivisector destruct skill.  is  AOE  


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