Psalm codes not forging and/or dissapearing (Ps4)


yesterday while forging psalm codes for a specific build, i noticed that they were not giving me the any outcome and not appearing in my stash. I'd forge 2 and get nothing in return. I think they ended up as Intel "cards" as they seemed to up. I'm pretty sure I started with 5 Intel's and after forging and seeing I had a problem I noticed I had 9 Intels and none of the psalm codes I wanted.

I also removed some psalm codes from my gear and didn't get them back in my stash either. It wasn't on all but only some. 

I tried this a few times and rebooted from scratch and it did the same again. 

Might be something look at. 

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Psalm codes not forging and/or dissapearing (Ps4)
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