PS5 - highly increased game crashes since new season


PSN: Heruva
Platform: PS5
Game version: PS4
Characters: all in-game characters


I started playing again a couple of weeks before the new season launched on consoles.
During those weeks, I've had maybe one crash. I could play very stable, no interruptions, no lag, nothing.

Since the start of the new season, crashes occur very frequently on the PS5 (sometimes multiple times a day) with the PS4 game version.
It seems to me it is triggered by a connection loss, but I'm not sure.

At first, the crashes seemed to occur when pressing the touchpad after finishing a mission to return to your ship.
But now, it happens mid session during a game.
It also happens during the Unholy Cathedral challenge, which is very annoying because I don't earn rewards that way and I can't replay it for the rewards because it tells me to wait 24h to receive new rewards. 

I try to circumvene crashes by completely exiting the game every now and then and restarting it, but that does not seem to help.
Sometimes, the game crashed 5 minutes after launching it. Sometimes I can play a couple of hours in a row before a crash occurs.

On the plus side, if a crash occurs on a void crusade, mission or war zone, after the mission is finished and when pressing touch pad to exit te mission, the rewards are still received and the void crusade is not corrupted.

It's nothing big, but just an annoyance really.
Specifically the crash during the Unholy Cathedral challenge is annoying.

I've uploaded most of my error reports on the PS5, I hope these get to you and provide useful information.

On a sidenote (not sure this is related):
During missions, especially when triggering one of those seasonal bonusses after a killstreak, the game freezes for a split second.
Almost as if it needs time to process what's happening and to decide what bonus to give.
Also, doing a voltaic leap in a pack of enemies and killing them, or doing a voltaic leap onto explosive barrels and dealing a lot of environmental damage to other barrels and enemies, seems to freeze the game a split second.
Not sure this is related, but these 'freezes' are completely new since the start of the season.
The gameplay was completely lag-free before the new season.

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PS5 - highly increased game crashes since new season
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1 year 28 days ago

Addition: I wonder if the lag/freeze I mentioned as a sidenote to this post is related to this notification on this community: Stuttering due to maxed attribute.

I'll test this on my character and see if it improves (I have the top attribute maxed and boosted to over 32 I think) when I lower that attribute.