PS5 crash and lags in endless Mode


Hi, know this forum is dead about 2 years now. Just want to inform you that the game deathtrap which I bought recently because it was on sale still has major bugs that make it not playable for me. 

Enjoyed it so far on my ps5, trying now to do the endless mode trophies, but I can't even reach wave 20 due to lags that result in game crash around level 15 - 16.

A friend of mine playing on ps4 pro does not have those lags. Is that game not playable on ps5? Solutions ?

Also occurred that the 200 blue coins from the psn store I bought don't been added to my account. Another friend of mine playing on ps4 got it.

I think the support for this game is done, right ? So no hope for me enjoying this gem on ps5? 

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PS5 crash and lags in endless Mode
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