PS5 Cooperative No End to Mission


Playstation 5 does not end Cooperative Missions.  You can finish, but it does not load out of the mission. Teleport and stuck.  Cannot Abandon mission either.

Missions Effected
- Intel

- Ordos

-Star Map

"You have been disconnected from the Neocore Server.  Returning to the Title Screen."

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PS5 Cooperative No End to Mission
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57 days ago

Hi, the same problem here on PS4 after the last patch. Played with friends without problems before it. Single player works fine.

After the patch: we were unable to change mission difficulty other than Difficult. You change it before the start, but after it you get Difficult anyway. After clearing missions get the same problem, as described by SpartanEffect: "You have been disconnected from the Neocore Server.  Returning to the Title Screen.". After few hours of play you get nothing from the missions. The same problem in all missions we tried in coop, whether story or not.

So in my opinion the problem is with the game and not on player's end.

59 days ago
I forwarded your issue to the developer team but I cannot guarantee that they will find the problem on our end. Nevertheless, they will try it.

The rest of the mission types were playable in Co-Op? Like Campaign missions?