Ps5 bugs, pls fix or my frst season is lost


Placed my 5 Enraged relics in storage for alt when the game crashed, Once relogged the items are gone from account

Random relic or higher drops/cortex rewards stopped, maybe 2 in a evening. Challenges dont  count

Playing atm is useless, both story line stuck(bugged) cant farm gear, get relic trash for mats, or save cortex to buy items.... Love this game so far but this gets out of hand...

Ps5 Europe, Crusader name:  Carnage and Bra Ca

Psn= Kwade_Eddy

(Lowering attributes to 20 didnt work, 3 times reinstall didnt work, delete char and ressurect from graveyard didnt work and other phew suggestings i saw on forums neither....)

(Ps5 ultimate edition from psn store)

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Ps5 bugs, pls fix or my frst season is lost
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229 days ago
About to lose it.... Equipped Bra Ca his gear, set his loadout and the moment i load into the map EVERYTHING except the weapons are gone... 80% sure putting my warfare to 25 must have triggerd it...... Happend just now when loading into Chaos Undivided, the enemy below.... 

230 days ago
Bra ca - Just did a test and nothing changed on my side. In the hub under mission deploiment i see 3 quests, 3th  = Drukari Menance, Terra Incognita. But when i click RT for the data terminal the quest is not there. If i try with the helm cogitator same deal. I did the prequests for sure because i wanted to do terra chain for the morality points. 

Only thing chainged is the mark above her head is gone. 

230 days ago
Thx a lot, will test it out this evening if i can proceed. Np can wait for carnage, allready glad for the support you give. So switching his enraged gear is safe right? 
230 days ago
About the captain: if you log in with a given char the store will generate items for that specific char. It has a refresh time though so after an hour it should generate more items and it will take into account the level of the character you are being logged in with.
230 days ago
Bra Ca's issue is now fixed. Let me know if you still can't continue the story line with him.

Cortex fragments are limited to 200 / week so if you reached this limit you won't get any more until next week.

Carnage's problem will be checked then but it appears to be a more complex issue so I would like to ask your patience over the next couple of business days.

230 days ago

My 70 crusader his storyline is bugged, i have believe 4open quests but only 2 show up on map.i need to investigate the relay station but cant teleport there on map.  All 5  items are still lost. And when i switch chars i get all notifications from found lore that pop up. 

My lv 64sch crusader Carnage has to talk to magos in the hub during the visceram prophecy but explaination mark stays with her, doesnt go over in next quest. 

Both dont get cortex rewards anymore and challenges dont track progress. Running intel missions or void = 0 relics. Even in the voidchests.

Tried a non seasonal char but stopped when i saw my seasonal bank aswell on that char.when i switch from crusader to tech adept, the captain still sells 70ish crusader gear ( not always but happens) 

For specific questnames i need to check tonight when home. Only play solo btw.

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230 days ago

I will fix Bra Ca's issue shortly (probably by tomorrow) but could you please describe what Carnage ran into? Is he also stuck in the campaign? And your alt is? Benedict? He can't speak with the Magos?

As for the lost items: items vanishing this way usually reappear within a few days at most. Did you get them back?

Challenges don't count in Co-Op so if you played in a party you could not complete any. They count only your solo progress.

On the other hand, I haven't seen other reports about substantial drop rate decrease on relics and other things. Probably just an RNG stuff you experienced on that day.

235 days ago
Really..... Now my alt is stuck at The Visceram Prophecy, talk to Magos....