[PS4/XboxOne] Inquisitor - Prophecy Patch note


Inquisitor - Prophecy is now Available on PS4 and XboxOne

  • New class: Tech-Adept Inquisitor
  • Play as a Tech-Adept Inquisitor and summon and enhance units in battles to help you defeat enemies and complete investigations. This new summoner class comes with new unique abilities and mechanics and offers a unique skill-tree and various new melee and ranged builds.
  • New Story Campaign available
  • New Feature: Ordos
    • Players can now obtain Reputation for three different Ordos: Ordo Xenos, Ordo Hereticus, and Ordo Malleus. Completing Ordo missions boosts the player's Reputation to that specific Ordo, and unlocks certain perks. Each Ordo has their unique store and missions available for players. See more details abour Ordos at the Compendium.

 Check out our detailed FAQ for consoles for more details on this release.

Martyr Patch (Xbox v2.0.0.5, PS4 v2.08, JPN 01.09)

New Features

  • Added the new Atroxia Subsector
  • New enemy Factions: Aeldari, Tyranid
  • New PvP maps have been added, and the original map has been visually updated

Fixed Bugs

  • Performance improvements
  • Localization fixes
  • Fixed the issue where the Martyrdom Tarot card did not unlock after the 2.0 Update
  • Fixed the Thundering Leap skill
  • Fixed an issue where not all spells triggered the Psyker's Biomantic Haste passive
  • Fixed an issue where the Attunement milestone of the Psyker's Psy Focus attribute did not work
  • Fixed an issue where the Violent Addiction Heroic Deed did not count the class resource usage of the Stealth Bodysuit
  • Fixed an issue where an Ancient and Archeotech Personal Teleporters with the Zealous Displacement perk and the active Bloodlust attribute did not restore HP and consumed Inoculator charges instead of class resource
  • From now on upon using a relic blueprint which the player already knows the crafting quantity will be added to the already existing number
  • From now on upon crafting relic Inoculators a relic enchant will properly appear on the crafted items
  • Fixed the issue where Relic Blueprint purchases did not deduct the Fate cost
  • Fixed an issue where the Ancient relic requirement 'User booster type Inoculator component' did not count when the booster type component was in the universal slot
  • Fixed the out-of bounds issues on "giant rails" type maps
  • Fixed an issue where certain enemies (for example turrets) did not have a proper death animation
  • Fixed the issue where various warzone and tarot hazards buffing enemies affected the players as well
  • Fixed the Suppression damage of some of the Plasma Cannon's skills
  • Fixed an issue where the camera would do a 360 spin when entering/exiting a turret
  • Fixed the missing curve of the grenade throwing in Local Coop for both players
  • Several Skill, Heroic Deed and Perk description fixes
  • Fixed the Grinding Through Heroic Deed


  • Fixed a potential crash in the "Nereus III Under Siege" map
  • Fixed a broken cutscene in the "Pushing back the Drukhari" map
  • Fixed an issue where the player could be stuck in the starmap if he travelled to a system other than Aethon while searching for Magos Biologis
  • Fixed an issue where Guardsmen could stuck to mission objects in Rescue missions
  • Fixed some cutscene camera angles in certain campaign missions
  • Fixed an issue where the Feculent Gnarlmaws behind the Great Unclean One were targetable
  • Fixed an issue where the Warp Gate was not selectable in the 'Gaping Wound' mission


  • Fixed the 'Wear' slider under the Appearance tab
  • Fixed an exploit where changing the appearance of the character could be done without spending any credits
  • Fixed a few Void Crusade GUI bugs
  • Fixed a few minor GUI issues in the Account Linking page
  • Added the missing repeat tutorial function to the Forge window

Quality of Life changes

  • Added a Cabal info window to the Cabal overview page in order to see what cabal the player is getting invited to
  • Selecting a locked Psychic power mastery now shows the player exactly what passive needs to be learned
  • Players can now split stacked items - by moving a stack in the inventory (or to the stash), a window will appear with a slider to customize the amount
  • Different colored interaction buttons are added to the Local Coop

Balance changes

  • Local Coop Henchmen were rebalanced and updated
  • Frag Grenade cooldown reduced from 10 to 3 seconds, and no longer triggers global cooldown
  • The Eradicator Assassin's initial perk has been changed to 'Deadshot'
  • Unholy Cathedral GUI now shows the score and the difficulty increases after every 1 minute (instead of every 10 seconds)
  • Tweaked the balance of the "Invaders on the Martyr" level and other defense missions as well
  • Several Perk has been rebalanced and updated


  • Mind Fortress now gives 5% Damage Reduction / sec instead of 3% and stacks up to 20%
  • Runic Armour now last for 10 seconds instead of 5
  • Grinder now gives 66% Damage bonus instead of 30%
  • Stride of the Blessed now gives 25% movement speed but also takes more (5%) Damage Reduction
  • Run and Gun now gives 35% Damage Bonus instead of 20%
  • Puritan Perk now gives 4 energy shield/puritan points that regenerates faster than most energy shields. Works with shield related enchants. Also, while you have a shield active (any shield) you get 25% Heat Damage Bonus
  • Tactician now only increases cooldown by 0.5 seconds while it kept all the bonuses
  • Berserk State: 2% Damage Bonus / stack instead of 1%, lasts for 2 seconds instead of 1
  • Radical Perk now gives a Berserk token for every 5% HP lost, and now gives 0.015% bonus per radical point increased from 0.0033%. Also works with berserk related enchants
  • Vanquisher of the Vile perk now also gives a permanent 50% Suppression Damage Bonus
  • The Art of Crippling’s effect is increased from 50% to 80% debuff duration
  • Under Pressure’s Damage bonus is increased from 30% to 55%
  • Subdermal Mesh and Subdermal Plating’s positive Damage Reduce values has been adjusted to 20% from 10, but negative values have been increased to 7 from 3
  • Martyrdom’s bonuses have been doubled
  • Artificial Organs' unlock requirement has been lowered to 200 inoculator uses from 2500, and added a 1.5 % of maximum class resource regeneration/ second
  • Augmented Body now also increases movement speed by 10% and it’s unlock requirements have been massively reduced
  • Opportunist Stance's ability changed to give -20% Cooldown for Skills with medium cooldown (between 4-10 sec) on Dodge move
  • Opportunist Stance II's description got updated to better represent actual behavior
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[PS4/XboxOne] Inquisitor - Prophecy Patch note
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3 years 358 days ago

Why can't I go back and forth with the heavy flame thrower since the patch has been continuously fired?

4 years 14 hours ago
I can't Belive that games workshop accepted to turn his tech-priest info a space pope.....there no miniature of the tech-priest wearing a pope's tiara......come on guys this game Is simply a joke for you?
4 years 4 days ago

We are not planning further changes on the Tech-Adept's movement. During the development process there has been many discussion on this and eventually Games Workshop and our colleagues were also content with the final changes.

4 years 6 days ago
Since starting to play the gane again today i have been stuck with luminous red characters this is beyond a joke 
4 years 6 days ago
This reminds me something about the fact that the "Bouncing" animation of the Tech-Adept was supposed to be improved (best would be to have spider-legs). I checked yesterday with my TAI and he stills bouncing when moving. Can we expect something really more stable and more suitable to a servant of the Machine God? Spiders are not bouncing when they move, so his platform should neither bounce (poor guy having a hard time keeping his balance).
4 years 6 days ago

@MCHUGE‍ that descriptions will get corrected with the following patch and the numbers in the patchnote are the correct ones so you should be able to unlock the remaining deeds when you reach the given requirement displayed above.

@PROXI@LORDKN1GHT‍ we are working on this with full effort so if the certification process won't take long then we will be able to roll out the next patch pretty soon! 

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4 years 8 days ago

Lord is right, i found out why. If i play old 3 caracter  i can play with all my friends all contents on xbox, if i switch to Tech Adept the new hero, at all missions we start, we all crashed back to xbox home and game crashed.

Please fix this.

This comment was edited 4 years 8 days ago by Proxi
4 years 9 days ago
I seem to be having an issue with my friends on the XBOX that whenever we load up a mission; during loading we would immediately crash to the home screen. We’ve had it work once or twice but now it’s not working. Please look into this id still love to play the game with my friends. 
4 years 9 days ago

I may have encountered a bug on the Heroic Deed unlock requirements being lowered for a few perks. It seems the descriptions were changed, but my progress totals still show the old requirements. For example, the unlock for Artificial Organs in the description is 200 inoculator uses now, but my progress still shows 2.2k out of 2.5k. I ran into the same issue with the security doors which were lowered at some point from 50 to 20, I had 48 of 50 and didn't unlock the perk. It did complete once I hit 50, so that is good at least. I am not sure if the issue is caused by already being over the new requirement but under the old requirement, or something else. My reliquary chests Heroic Deed still shows the old requirement on the progress bar as well, and I am still under 20 (which I believe is the new requirement), so I don't know if that will work properly or not when I get to 20. Either way, if this could be checked (PS4) that would be helpful. Thanks!

Edit: clarity in phrasing

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