Ps4 void crusade mission keeps crashing


Hi devs,  @MARCOPOLOCS‍ 

Psn: heruva, platform: ps4

I want to show you a bug i have in an ebony void crusade where 1 mission keeps crashing after loading during teleport on mission opening. 

This is quite unfortunate as i am farming for the seasonal challenge to master a void crusade and to get a perk after completing 3 void crusades. 

I've put many hours into this void crusade so i'm hoping and wishing you devs can somehow resolve this for me. 

I have made a video so you can see all details, unfortunately the crash itself is not visible as this aborts the recording. What you can't see on the video is that it starts teleporting after loading and crashes while doing that. 

So here's the video and a screenshot of the blue screen :

I really hope this can be resolved / unblocked. 

Edit: i've tried doing another mission and that works fine. I've got my last info fragment from it. I then tried doing the servo skull mission again and it still crashes so ultimately no resolution. 

Rebooting the ps4 does not work either. 

I've sent the ps4 error report (option during blue screen) but i don't know if that information will find it's way to the devs. 


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Ps4 void crusade mission keeps crashing
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1 year 288 days ago

Psn wharghoul666

I'm currently having the same issue with season of the void brethren intels crashing me on start up as well as a few other things related to the season causing crashes anyone else? @marcopolocs

2 years 51 days ago
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2 years 195 days ago
Awesome news and great stuff!

Thx devs!!

2 years 220 days ago
The issue will be fixed with a patch. The update arrives in mid-August the earliest.
2 years 223 days ago
It's still a problem
2 years 223 days ago
I'm having the same problem on the same mission. I was feeling good because including this mission, the supreme mission, and another mission I'd get the master void crusade challenge for the season. I think I'll repost this problem and hopefully not piss anybody off and in the meantime I'll finish the ivory I have with that one mission missing and get cracking on another crusade and hopefully this won't happen again. I wonder if the tarot cards have anything to do with it. If I had the ability to remove placed cards I could test it...
2 years 288 days ago

as always: you guys rock!
Thanks for picking this up and sharing the update.

2 years 288 days ago

A quick update: the issue is still in the works but I'm pretty sure that by the time we release the next patch on console we will resolve it. Thanks for the additional information!

2 years 290 days ago

I just wanted to let you devs know I've finished the Ebony crusade without mastering it and I got the achievement doing an Amber crusage. No crash there. I've also mastered Ivory in the meanwhile, no crash there.

As far as my progress is concerned, I'm no longer blocked as I''ve done all mastery challenges.

The issue is still there, unfortunately I couldn't wait to keep the issue open on my character waiting for further response on this matter. If you need me to test things through, let me know and I'll happily see what I can do.


2 years 292 days ago
İ have same issue with ebony void crusade mission which is the rescue/ aelderi one. İ have completed all others except supremes and i am grinding for master void crusade season perk. Can you help me with this one please maybe a Hot fix or something. :) 
2 years 296 days ago
No, I have never been frustrated over the time it takes to complete a Season. Was never what I said. I hope you will get your issue fixed, since I see it as a frustrated issue with your Playstation.

I said it bevcause if it were soon over as for us PC players, you would be totally in another boat regarding time to actually finish your Challenges & Tiers. Therefore I said it as I said it. One who may start playing the Warp Season on Console now, have a big time chance of fulfilling the whole pack of Tiers before it is all finished.

The Crusade Challenges in itself is a own frustrating story of itself, and I know all about it. It is something I know so much about that it is a Challenge I do not wish to see again, within next Season.

2 years 296 days ago
Brother Kundari

Well, not sure how that contributes to this post to be honest..

I do not ask for sympathy or empathy or understanding.

I can't form an opinion for the allowed time for non console players as I only play on console.
If you're frustrated about the time you have to go through a season then all I can do is say that I hear you but you'd have to take that up with the devs.

This issue was reported before and noted by the devs so they are aware.

I'm reporting this again because 

  • 1. it might occur to other players, it happend to me multiple times. 
  • 2. yes it does hamper my progress. I do not ask for compensation, but unblocking this specific mission would be nice. 
  • 3. a quick fix might not be feasable, but part of me leaving the current void open is that it might help the devs in finding the cause and fixing this bug (if and when they might look into this)

The reason I mention it hampers my progress is because this specific challenge is not about completing crusades but mastering a hard core crusade. It does take up a lot of time and it would be unfortunate to put this time into it only to see it blocked again.
If not for me, it might be helpful to other players.
I've been doing other things in the game in the meanwhile and I still have plenty to do, but I'd also like to tackle this challenge and do more of the voids as I really love them.

I can choose among 2 things here.
Simply not mention anything at all is one option and honestly, that is a valid option. I can just get this void over with and start another one.
However, I feel the devs have put so much effort in making the game, then making it better and bringing in new ways to experience the game. I've seen plenty of activity here and I've been helped quite a bit by the devs and the community. Least I can and want to do is try to contribute.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. I've yet to encounter another dev community that's this active, listens to their players and actually implements improvements and fixes as is being done here.
So kudo's to the devs: I think you guys and gals are awesome!


2 years 296 days ago
Well, hampering or not your progress, I do not feel sorry for you. At all. And why not? Because you Console plrs is having plenty, and I mean PLENTY of time fulfilling all your Challenges and Tiers. Besides, Void Crusades has always been the most frustrating ones to accomplish of Tier Challenges.
2 years 297 days ago


just to inform you that without further response, I will probably finish the current blocked crusade and retry with an Amber or so. I won't have that much time this week but as this is hampering my progress for the seasonal journey and to get better gear, I'd like to continue as to not lose too much time. (I don't think I can message you, so that's why I'm replying here).

This is pretty blocking atm and I'd like to give you devs time to come back with a response but I really want to try to get all achievements too :)

In case you'd need further troubleshooting, I'd be happy to redo a new ebony crusade and recreate the issue.
In any case, the current blocked crusade is still running atm until later this week.

I'm still looking forward to an update if possible and I'm happy to postpone my progress a while longer in case you want to check my character :)


2 years 302 days ago

I don't mean to press but if you'd have some spare time to give me a heads up on whether you guys will look into this or if you have more important matters to deal with, I'd greatly appreciate it.

At the moment I have my void crusade progress blocked as I didn't finish the crusade in case you want to have a look at my specific character.

In case there's no time to look into this, I'll simply forgo this seasonal challenge on this specific crusade and try again.
Only thing is, I don't dare to do Ebony anymore because this is the second time the Ebony void crusade crashes and breaks my progress. I'd try Amber but don't have enough shards. Viridian might be an option to master but not sure if it's too difficult atm.
The other crusades are not an option for me yet as the difficulty for mastering those is too high.


2 years 306 days ago


Hi, I wanted to get back to this issue as unfortunately it seems to keep on happening.

I am again doing an ebony void crusade, this time on hardcore as I'm wanting to unlock the seasonal challenge 'Legendary crusade'. I tried amber before but failed as I lost a VIP during a rescue mission.

I'm again near the end of the void crusade, with just a couple of missions left and upon teleporting to the mission map after loading the mission, the game crashes and I get a bluescreen (I sent the playstation error reports).

It is unfortunate as mastering a void crusade takes so much time.

I'm grateful you guys compensated me for the similar issue I had earlier but I'm wondering if you can simply checkmark the mission in question as completed and grant me the info fragment from this mission so I can just complete the crusade with all fragments and keys so I don't have to try to master a hardcore crusade again :)

You can see in the video which mission crashes.
I'll do smth else in the meanwhile and leave this crusade open so you guys can borrow my character if it helps troubleshooting what is happening.

For the record, the first time I encountered this issue was also on an Ebony crusade, though this one is hardcore, the first time it wasn't.
The mission this occurs on is also a different mission. 

I love doing the viod crusades and I'll keep on doing them, but this issue is pretty breaking when trying to master crusades.
If it wasn't for the seasonal challenges, I would not bother and simply skip this mission and go ahead with the other ones to finish the crusade.


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2 years 315 days ago

Thanks for the details, we will try to figure out more about this among us.

2 years 317 days ago
Thx a bunch! That's more than I could ask for!

No need to apologize, these things happen.

I hoped you could somehow just mark the servo skull mission as completed and grant me the key from the servo skull but I'll take this offer with a smile :)

And no worries, I'm planning on doing more void crusades.
I was just a bit afraid I might run into this more often, but I'll definately go ahead and do more voids.

For your information: I'm not sure this is relevant but maybe it's related somehow and can help during the troubleshooting of the issue.

during co-op last week, there was one mission that started a teleport animation for all players in the middle of the mission (like when you press the touchpad after the mission completion pop up).
However, the mission remained stuck. There was no crash so no error report but all players could only rotate the camera and no longer move their characters. We could press the start button and select the quit option, but that didn't do anything. We all had to manually close the game and restart the game.
We tried that mission 2 more times after that and the same thing happened.
I don't remember the map but is was an intel mission with the warp chest (that moves around every 30 secs).

Cheers and thanks!

2 years 317 days ago
Thanks for submitting the report with a text, we will check on this.

As we cannot guarantee a quick fix and don't want this issue to halt your Seasonal progress we marked this objective as completed for you. We are aware that this way you won't be able to finish your third Void Crusade and get the perk, our apologize for that but we hope you won't be troubled too much to complete another one.

A few chests lies in your inventory now as a compensation for losing on the Void chests.

2 years 318 days ago


You mean you added to the report the text 'option during blue screen' ? If yes, we can easily track down the crash and the problem behind it. If not please do it so we can dig into the problem.

Yes, after the crash during the blue screen I selected the option to report the crash for every crash I had (5 times I think) and I added the text 'crash during void crusade'.

If I get this properly you are still one Wandering Servoskull away from maxing out the Crusade right?

Correct. There is still 1 other mission I need to do too in this crusade. If you want I can finish it.
At the moment this crash occured, I had 3 missions left, the servo skull mission, an optional objective and another normal mission.

As I understand, I need to complete all missions (including hidden ones), get all keys and get all info fragments.
I have all infofragments now and 2 missions left to complete.

2 years 318 days ago

You mean you added to the report the text 'option during blue screen' ? If yes, we can easily track down the crash and the problem behind it. If not please do it so we can dig into the problem.

If I get this properly you are still one Wandering Servoskull away from maxing out the Crusade right?

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