[PS4] Riposte skill stacks



I just specced into the Riposte skill from the Melee tree. From the description, it is supposed to stack up to 50% more damage for the next skill, per stack of 5% damage per deflect. So it should increment up to 10 stacks from each deflects.

In actual gameplay, I can see the icon appearing on screen after a deflect. But no stacks are shown :

Does it actually stack ?

If only visual, then it's a minor bug, but it would help to know how many stacks there are before performing a skill or another.

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[PS4] Riposte skill stacks
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5 years 192 days ago
Thanks for reporting the case, our console team will check on it and will fix it should anything work badly with this skill. 

On the other hand please note that not every passive skills icons appear even if they are activated. This was an intentional design on our part.