Hello there, NCG Support Team !

Coming back to the game after several months of absence, and I'd like to submit a request to your attention.

Is it possible for you to rename one of my characters ? I know it can seem odd, but while I wasn't playing, I've been reading A LOT of W40k litterature (just finished reading Heisenhorn omnibus, began Horus Heresy and Deathwatch books, Ravenor's omnibus following) and I regret the name I gave to one of my char.

In fact, I started playing it with friends, as a joke as I didn't like the class at first. But it quickly became my main, and now everytime I play with him I feel sorry for this stupid name I gave him :(

So here are the informations about this character :

PSN id : The3lderW1w1

Character : Bernadus Ficus

Class : Psyker lvl61 (Scryer)

If possible, it'd like him to be renamed as Wilhelm Von Todt, a more glorious and fitting name for an loyal servant of the Holy Inquisition of the God-Emperor.

Thank you for your help, and be sure the Inquisition will know how to be rewardful to you trusty believers in the Emperor of Mankind !

=][= The Emperor Protects ! =][=

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1 year 255 days ago

That is awesome ! Thank you @MARCOPOLOCS‍ , and please give my thanks to the rest of the support team as well :D

=][= The Emperor Protects ! =][=

1 year 255 days ago

Sure, we changed your character's name to 'Wilhelm Von Todt'. :)