[PS4] Question/feedback related to automatic targeting



I play as a Heavy Gunner Crusader on PS4.

I would like to know if something is currently planned to further improve the targeting system.

Compared to launch, it's now usable for general gameplay and it's fine for the easiest content (I mostly shoot at things and rarely at the ground). But for Warzone, it doesn't feel good as it doesnt feel as I'm in control. When a want to target the Warp portal, I have to run towards it and facetank hoping that targeting will stay on it. And then I pray for good RNG on crits and proc of my relic weapon (double damage+heal).

This strat got me to Battle 28. But it's barely fun, mostly frustrating and I can already see that I will not be able to push very far with this sort of tactic.

What I need is more control. Here are two leads that I think would help me :

  • When firing in channelled mode : being able to manually choose in which direction I want to shoot
  • Heavy weapons in channelled mode : being able to freely move (same as the disengage skill, but with manual control)

These two things would at least allow me to manoeuver enemies to make space for the priority targets. Currently, after my manoeuvering, even if I face the right direction, my Inquisitor will shoot a random enemy (not the closest, not the one in front...it really depends on RNG as it seems.

Then, some kind of system allowing for more free target picking would be nice (PC natively have it with the mouse pointer - console players need an alternative : maybe an active pause to select and lock a target ?)

So, to sum up, what can I expect for the future ?

  • Improved system is in the pipeline ?
  • L2P you filthy whiner ?
  • Go to PC, this game was never intended for console ?
  • Wait for a mobile release? (I have a phone...but no thanks)

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[PS4] Question/feedback related to automatic targeting
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5 years 21 days ago
I forwarded your feedback to our console team, they will consider what can be changed in this regard.

Thank you for the detailed answer! 

5 years 21 days ago
Well i wish they would put explosive objects back onto the list of things that get targeted like hostile enemies, i really don't like to press two buttons on the controller to target and destroy those explosive objects, happens too often that i activate the inoculator instead.
5 years 22 days ago
Thanks I actually indeed forgot that a target lock existed. I tested it and it helped a bit but it's still very far from ideal :
  • The target to lock needs to be cleared of other enemies. Otherwise it's pure gamble to actually have it targeted. In this regard, the best strategies is still to run in. Locking the gate helps then to focus on target, but I'm still facetanking in the middle of a horde...not ideal. Manoeuvering the enemies to clear the gate works a bit beter with locking the gate : focus firing enable a faster down.
  • Locking doesn't help at all versus hordes of ranged enemies hidden behind some rushing melee foes. Manual aiming would help beter as it would allow for a spray and pray tactic. (Speaking of ranged enemies, mutated rampager with the green beam are OP as fuck!)
  • When a target is locked, it is theoretically possible to switch targets. I say theoretically because it doesn't work very well. If I target lock a monster instead of the gate (very frequent), it doesn't work to switch to the portal. Very annoying.
  • Heavy Bolter's Hellstorm is bound to the "O" key which I press with my thumb. To lock with R3, I must then stop firing and activate the GCD. When you're in the middle of a horde and that proccing the heal is you're only way of surviving, stopping fire can mean death.

So thanks for the tip, but my tests are very conclusive so far. While testing I dropped a nice relic assault armor. Jumping to the portal is infinitely more efficient than trying to target lock...which says a lot of the current state of ranged gameplay.

5 years 22 days ago

as you are targeting the Warp gate please use Target Lock - push the Right stick - and the crosshair should wander off in this case!
Please test it and get back to us if it helped or not!

5 years 23 days ago
Unfortunatly, aiming is buggy since the release of the game !

The rare attemps to avoid targetting the ground instead of ennemies, resulted in an aiming system which is almost blind especially with ennemies close to character.

I wonder if they ever tested it, but WE did when we bought the beta and the result is .......... not working as so many other things !