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Start off by I am really loving the game so far.  However that being said i have a few issues i hope you all can help with.  First - I get black screens on different screens (ie: Quest rewards, Storage, and someitmes the Ragna Store), i have tried different gamma settings in game and that can resolve the storage sometimes not all.  I play in balanced 1080p as i use an ASUS VG245 Gaming monitor that is 1080p, my PS4 Pro is on Boost mode (though i have tried with it on and off and doesnt resolve this issue), the same goes for super sampling both on or off does not make a difference.  Any help with the 1st is key as right now i am stuck not being able to collect Claim Story Reward.  Second issue is  the screen tearing, this happens at random on some maps and not others, not game breaking but very annoying and off putting for me.  Will a optimization patch come soon for this type of behavior? I know it is not isolated to me, as this was visually visiable in the Dev Console playthrough Q&A (thougth that might be a Beta version of game so didnt think it would go live with screen tearing).

** Update **

I think I found a fix for this black screen, so on my monitor I turned off ASCR and was able to see my claim story reward.  I will update again if this is not a true fix, since lastnight this issue was intermittent.

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PS4 Pro Black Screens
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5 years 183 days ago
Hi Rowdy,

Thank you for the kind words, we are super happy that you enjoy our game.

About the screen tearing and performance issues: we are aware of the problems and will try to implement a solution in the upcoming patches.

Until then keep on purging the Unclean, Inquisitor!