PS4 Mission Reward Bug


Just logged on this evening, on PS4, and have run 5 missions with no rewards screen. After mission completion, hit button to teleport back to the ship, screen goes blank, then mission map comes back up but with no character, this stays frozen for a few moments, then loading screen appears, then character is back on the ship. But no rewards, no dropped items, no credits, no fate, no glory, and no experience. NOTE: I'm not complaining about low drop rates, there are plenty of items dropping in the missions. I'm just not actually receiving them after the mission is completed, nor am I getting any reward from the completion itself.

Also, still getting the Doomed City (1st and 2nd characters) and Vipers Nest (3rd character) bugs. These two bugged missions are exceedingly annoying and seem to be barring access to Charybdis Outpost. I'm guessing because I have to complete the current priority mission before it will be available? But I can deal with annoying. I cannot deal with a complete lack of mission rewards. That's utterly game-breaking.

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PS4 Mission Reward Bug
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4 years 107 days ago
Please send us a message about this message here or to [email protected] Thank you in advance!
4 years 108 days ago
The same thing is happening to me and it really is a game breaking bug since you can't really get better gear if you don't get rewards.  Very disappointing because otherwise the game is great.  I'm on a PS4 Pro.
4 years 111 days ago
Could you please send an email to [email protected]? It would be more convenient to assist you in the matter there!

@WINTERHEART626‍ if you could do so as well we would be grateful!

4 years 111 days ago
I’m experiencing something similar, ragna isn’t showing inventory, store reset is not active, and server kicks. No details on any of the threads either.