PS4: Missing indicator of Monsters' gates


Hello and thank you all for your work and the recent port of Deathtrap to PS4! My wife & I have enjoyed this game on PC for years and we are very happy to see the port finally reach the PS4!

Of course, some bugs are to be expected and I would simply like to bring this (non-)glaring issue to attention if it has not yet been reported. While on the wave info screen, there is never an indicator for which specific gate the selected monster will be appearing from. On the right side I see the monster portraits dimming to indicate the selected monster, but nothing changes about the map, path lines, or gate skull icons to indicate which route the monster will take. 

On PC we can simply hover over the spawn point gates themselves to see the exact composition and number to be expected from each gate, and I am curious and quite dismayed that we do not have exactly that same function on PS4. It is more informational and thus more tactically useful than what the PS4 port seems to implement. A numbered indicator for monsters for each gate is crucial.

After all, I'm more concerned with knowing exactly how many of a specific monster to expect from each gate, rather than simply being told to expect that monster from two or three different gates but never knowing exactly how many to account for from each gate. 

The Tier 1 maps are mild enough that I was able to beat them while guessing/remembering which gates send which monsters in which quantities, but I can see the higher difficulties becoming quickly unbeatable without being able to make the proper preparations with the appropriate information.

Thank you again for your teams' time and effort! Deathtrap is a unique and extremely fun game and we look forward to enjoying it for years to come (while you bring Deathtrap II to light of course lol). 



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PS4: Missing indicator of Monsters' gates
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