PS4 - Controller Settings not saved



I face this bug since i started the game the first time and persistent after the patch : for conviniency, i set the controller settings to "Dodger", but each time I launch the game or go back to main menu for playing another character for exemple, i have to reset the controller settings.

When I go to the controls tab in options screen and display the commands, it still shows that the dodger layout is selected, but in game, the commands are back to default setting.

I need to use R2/L2 to switch to another setting and go back to Dodger, then exit with O for it to be effective.

It's not such a big deal but I always forget about it, so when I start my first mission and I realize that the square button does nothing instead of an expected attack move, then I do the switching in options and controls are corresponding to what is shown in Dodger controls screen.

Maybe, it is not correctly saved in the profil save on the ps4 ?

If you could include the bug fix in next update patch, it will be great.

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PS4 - Controller Settings not saved
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5 years 206 days ago
I know this won't help... but go with the standard controlls then... I think the devs are a little overwhelmed with all the bug reports. ;)
5 years 207 days ago

I always save the settings I change in Options screen with exiting with O.

But each time I launch the game, in options, it is displayed the Diodger controller settings, but in game it is the default settings.

So, if I forget to change it on main screen, before selecting my character, I will have to do it in my first mission.

5 years 207 days ago

please make sure that you always save the latest changes with O (circle button). Only then will the changes apply!
If it won't work either, please reply back to me and we will do our best to avert the problem! Thank you in advance!