PS4 - Can't shop with Ragna, stuck with green exclamation mark


On first loading the command centre and activating Ragna it goes through some mission end dialogue. After that finishes if you activate her again nothing happens

Pretty sure what caused this was re-completing the last mission of Martyr 4 - Through Fire and Flames which somehow appeared in the star map.

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PS4 - Can't shop with Ragna, stuck with green exclamation mark
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327 days ago

PS5 - Ultimate Edition

This is still an issue.  I'm stuck in a similar spot.  Talking with shop brings up mission dialogue.  After it ends, I can not interact with her.  Cannot advance story or sell items.
351 days ago

I am having a similar problem with my Artificer Omicron Arkh. He has a green exclamation point over his head and when I talk to him he repeats dialogue from an earlier mission, as soon as the dialogue is complete he still has the green mark but then hitting X to talk to him no longer works until the next time I return to the bridge after a mission, then it’s rinse and repeat!It’s preventing me from any other tech related actions such as salvaging or adding shards or codes to sockets.

my PSN is xmant2000 and the character name is Mr. X

Thank you.

352 days ago

I'm having the same issue
PSN: Kargazul 

Character name: Kargazul

Currently Ragana stuck with exclamation mark and I cant access the shop or continue the quest line

5 years 151 days ago

I had the exact same problem, after posting a bug report and waiting for a week, I could have access to Ragna to sell/buy (what I couldn't before, because she was stuck in a end mission dialogue loop after finishing Through Fire and Flames).

I must say that I had to do the last 2 missions of Through Fire and Flames twice as I had twice the mission icons on the map, and then I was able to do some missions in Uther's Tomb, but when reached the point where I had to talk to Ragna, I was stuck as you.

Now I can sell/buy but my progress in campaign missions is stuck.

PSN : KiLLyoX69

Character : Irix (AI)

5 years 151 days ago

I'm having the same problem as the other inquisitor.  After starting the von wynter legacy missions, Ragna tells you about the logbook of her house. Now she keeps repeating that dialog  and the green acclamation mark remains and I'm no longer able to open the store. I was able to do some more campaign missions except now I have to talk to her again to advance the story, but guess what; I'm not able to because she keep having the same dialog. 

Please help and thanks in advance,

Psn: Boesoe_NL

Character: Gustav von Voss

5 years 157 days ago
PSN: tehfluff403

Character: Sturm

5 years 157 days ago

would you please give me your PSN and Character's name you play with?