[PS4] Can we have Companion/Followers?


I love this game, but it's starting to get lonely and the Multiplayer Matchmatching is almost always empty and the Servo-Skulls as my fleshlight is starting to break down. I would love to have actual humanoid NPCs follow me around and assist me and even have their own dialogues. I would especially love to have Adeptus Mechanicus Skitarii as followers. Or even Ragna van Wynter. Keep up the great work, I raise my chalice to you guys!

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[PS4] Can we have Companion/Followers?
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4 years 214 days ago

in story line you'll have some companions. also in early next year you will have more companions in Prophecy update

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4 years 215 days ago
Are you saying if there's cross-play, more people would join this game? I do think that's a likely possible. Simply announcing or bringing news with support for cross-play usually draw people to the games as a sort of advertisement. But I think having companions would still be nice regardless if there's people online or not, because even if people are not around on this game 5-10 years from now, the companions will still make this game feel lively if I ever want to come back to the game when feeling nostaglic. 
4 years 215 days ago

I've been playing WH40KIM on both the Xbox and P$4 on day one but shorttly quit playing altogether on P$4 due to the round about way $ony doesnt support online multiplayer.

I say this only that IF you don't join their groups, have friends wwith game or use an outside LFG site it's impossible. Never had finding a game on Xbox LFG system