Please revise Flamer control on the PC (also perhaps Heavy Bolter)


Please revise flamer operation (and some other similar skills) for keyboard players.

Flamer targeting an enemy with primary attack: 

1. KB and mouse player - flamer burns them then stops and has to be restarted on another enemy; the weapon forces a delay. It's unwieldy and poorly implemented. Only workaround is using shift all the time to attack ground.

2.  Controller auto targets so you can just wave the flamer around to the next target and not lose damage momentum. I believe this is similar with Heavy Bolter and other "spin up" type attacks/weapons.

Please do not leave the PC players - who were your mainstay for the longest time, with shoddy or frustrating controls.

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Please revise Flamer control on the PC (also perhaps Heavy Bolter)
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5 years 169 days ago

for my mane char i use the heavy bolter and mostly the spin up salvo.

and yes, when the enemy is dead you brake the shooting. you must press "hold position" and than you can fire without interuption. for spin up salvo it makes sense that you have the interuption, because the ability is the first ability (left mouse klick with that i move too).

here will be good an option to toggle the "hold position" key. my littel finger will be pleased :D

on cover you have there an grater problem to target the enemys. there you have even more an bad interuption and your bolter must spin up again.

i like the idea, that after an short interuption the spin up salve dont begin at 0%.

that you have the same time delay from 100% fire rate to 0% fire rate. an spin down.. i hope you know what i mean... my english .... :D

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5 years 170 days ago
Thank you for the feedback, we will check on the weapon!