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Every time a game I like does not have a Photo Mode, something is missing. The Ascent just added one with few options, which obviously shows that the game is made and optimized for the top camera like Inquisitor Martyr. So it's up to you to avoid showing a sky/ceiling/background that does not exist. But now, I can take screenshots of The Ascent.

So maybe you could add a Photo Mode we can use in our ship and in missions.

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Photo Mode
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2 years 105 days ago

I don't think we will deal with such a mode. It would be cool and our models are rightfully praised as excellent representations of the WH40K universe, but until we have tasks to complete (bug fixes, balance changes, improvements and so) we won't likely to deviate from this direction to create such a mode.

With that said, nothing can slip through unnoted so I will mention this idea to the team. :)