Personal Storage for Characters


I'd like to see personal storage added for each character, not just storage for the entire account. I have a lot of gear on each on my characters to keep in storage. I'm not always sure which pieces are best and so I don't want to get rid of them. I also want to keep pieces so that if I want to change my character around and try a different build, I have the gear ready to go. As it stands, I don't have enough storage space, and so my inventory gets filled up on my characters with gear that I want to keep. Oh and just to add- I'm not sure what the gear is called, but they are the ones that require you to complete certain conditions to unlock their enchants- I have a bunch of those in storage too to complete them when I can or on a different character. Thanks.

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Personal Storage for Characters
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178 days ago
Hey! I'll add this to the list of suggestions :) thank you for your input