Performance issue, mem leak, micro-stutter


There seems to be a performance issue that make the game unplayable for me.

Interestingly I have not suffer from those over last few weeks and only seeing them now in June. (2021)

Don't know if that is because my character progressed or it's due to end of Season patch. 

I tried all that is reasonably possible. Full screen / window, different in game options, resolutions, limit amount of cores, V-sync no v-sync what have you.

End result is that the game slow down to crawl, with massive micro-stutter. Usually that happens after 2-3 missions, or even in the same mission if I will leave it in Esc menu for few hours.

Issues I have noticed.

Memory leak.

Game starts, I load the mission, memory usage is at 2.4GB, I press ESC and leave it in menu for few hours, it will grow to, 5GB+ (while paused!) , another missing or two and it's at 10GB+.

Single core on CPU maxing out.

Game starts fine. All cores at sensible 20-70% usage. Performance is great.  I play a mission or two. After that single core on CPU run's at 100%, rest is at 20% or so.

In neither of these scenarios my GPU  maxes out (2080TI) and stays at about 40-50%  usage.

It's a fun game and I enjoyed it but will the issues above it's unplayable sadly. Hope Dev team will want to address these issue as it would be pity to not play the game due to technical issues. And players may leave due to that too.

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Performance issue, mem leak, micro-stutter
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1 year 32 days ago
Since the July 6th Update the game is working again. 

Stutter is gone, memory is under 2.5GB even after few days of keeping app running. 

Darn I am glad to be able to play again :)

1 year 49 days ago
Ah great to hear it has been acknowledged and being worked on! 

And thanks for quick answer. Looking forward to the fix!
1 year 50 days ago
Others noticed the same problem and we started to investigate the issue already. Our devs will try to quickly handle the problem but it will likely to take a while before we can get rid of it entirely. 

Our apologize for the caused inconvenience.