[PC] Season of Judgement - v2.5.4 | June 23


Updates to W40K: Inquisitor will be released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client (in on-line mode) is restarted.

Patch v2.5.4


the Season of Judgement is here! 

The Emperor’s light has fallen on the Caligari Sector, guiding the hands of His servants as they deliver His Judgement onto the enemies of the Imperium. Grab your weapon, eliminate heretics as designated by His will, retrieve lost Relics of the Ecclesiarchy and receive your Shards of Grace as reward! 

A full overview of the features of Inquisitor's 5th Season can be found in the Compendium - make sure to check it out to see the new mechanics, objectives and other things. 

Season of Judgement - Basic mechanics 

  • The Emperor's Judgement courses through the Player. This is a buff that grants Movement Speed, and Bonus Damage. It can stack up to 100
  • While this buff is active, players will mark nearby enemies with Bolts of Judgement
  • Upon hitting Marked enemies, players will release various Holy spells that stun or damage monsters
  • Killing Marked enemies grants stacks of Emperor's Judgement
  • If Marked Enemies are not killed in time, they gain Mark of Heresy, which increases their damage by 30% and movement speed by 50% 

Seasonal Missions 

  • Killing enough Marked enemies will eventually also spawn Seasonal Missions. Each spawned mission has a 20% chance to become a special Boss mission.
    • 2 new Seasonal Bosses added: Deathshroud Terminator and Nurgle Blighthauler
    • Seasonal Bosses drop Seasonal Clues - bits of lore hinting towards something new coming…
  • If the player chooses not to do the Seasonal Mission, killing more Marked enemies will reroll the mission, and increase its difficulty. Plus, the chance for a Boss mission increases by 10% 

Major Changes

  •  Redesigned the Mission GUI and all the Objective widgets entirely
  • We have switched our Dedicated Server host from Playfab to AWS. All systems are up and running by now, multiplayer experience should be more performance-optimized, and when demand is higher, new servers are created automatically.
  • ○ The next step will be the transferring of our backend systems entirely. This will happen sometime during the Season and will take about 2 days. 

Fixed Bugs 

  • Fixed an issue where sometimes players did not receive any Morality items from caches, when Morality items should have dropped
  • Fixed an issue where the +20% execution duration in the Execution skill tree did not stack properly
  • Fixed an issue where the Eviscerate skill of the Chainsword was too quiet
  • Fixed an issue where using the Mitigator inoculator component blocked certain dot-based affixes and passives from applying
  • Fixed an issue where the "Suffer damage from using Psychic skills" ancient relic enchant did not work
  • Removed the two unusable spell slots from one handed psyker blades to avoid confusion
  • Fixed a graphics bug that caused character stuttering on higher framerates
  • Various minor map fixes
  • Various typo fixes in strings 


  • Removed the Tech-Adept's Module Inventory tab. Instead, all classes received a fresh, regular inventory tab
  • Reworked the Datahunt and Secure the Artifact Game Modes. Players no longer need to hold down the interact button. Instead, they only have to interact with the game object once, then stay within a radius to charge the progress bar. The more players are within the radius, the faster the objective will be finished.
  • Tweaked the Heavy Bolter's skills and mechanics
  • Tweaked the Heavy Flamer's skills and mechanics
  • Tweaked the Melta Gun and the Multi-Melta
  • Several new weapon effects added for the Heavy Flamer, Heavy Bolter, Melta Gun, and the Multi-Melta
  • Unique consumables such as Litany of Serendipity, Ultimate Fortune, etc. now last for 1 mission instead of 3 or 5. The price and the dropped amount of these items is adjusted accordingly. This should allow players to budget these consumables more effectively
  • All consumables now stack to 100 (up from 20)
  • Unlocked 43 Relic Enchants from Season 1, 2, and 3 for general use
  • To compensate for the increased enchant pool, added a new component to the Forge Efficiency tech tree improvement - it now reduces Relic enchant reroll cost by 15%
  • Unlocked Archeotech Shards from Season 1, 2, and 3 for general use
  • The Season 1 Burn effect, Inferno, has been converted to a regular Burn DoT. All Inferno Enchants now work with Burn effects
  • The "Enrage token on Inferno" and "Berserk token on Inferno" enchants had their values reduced from 40% to 5%
  • Added 3 new Enchants to trigger Thunderbolt of Authority upon dealing hits, taking hits, and using the Inoculator. These are Primary enchants
  • The Thunderbolt of Authority had its damage multiplier reduced from 50 to 40
  • Tweaked the Damage Reflect property of Warzone/Tarot missions and the Howling Banshee Elite. Previously this modifier bypassed several defensive mechanisms, allowing for accidental one-shots
  • The "Bonus Damage % against Chaos Daemons" enchant can now be rolled for all classes
  • Elite and Villain enemies now have Green Suppression upon being loaded into Missions
  • Fixed the damage output of the grenades thrown by the Sorcerer Warpmaster and other villains
  • Added an indicator effect for the mine placement of the Chaos Chosen
  • Fixed an issue where the DoT immunity component of the inoculator was not working properly
  • The Warp Nova being cast from various enchants now origins from the monster struck
  • Added a warning effect for the Toxicrene's Toxic Lash skill
  • Removed the Curse spell from Villain enemies
  • Tweaked various Villain enemies' stats
  • Tweaked Vulnerabilities:
    • Increased damage modifiers of Fleshbane tag from 30% to 50%
    • Duration refreshes upon applying a new Stack
    • Armor Breaking: Duration reduced from 10s to 5s
    • Vulnerabilities: Duration reduced from 5s to 3s
  • Removed the DoT component from the Tarantula Flamer Turret's Flamer Shot
  • All DoTs now have the Debuff tag 


  • Added a custom message when the player attempts to move another item to a full Stasis Casket
  • Upon completing a challenge the reward window now states which challenge the player completed
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[PC] Season of Judgement - v2.5.4 | June 23
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2 years 10 days ago
Let's start again!
2 years 11 days ago
Just wondering: Why does Destruction Amplification still costs you 60 Fate to purchase from Store?

Before you could buy one from Store that lasted you 5 Missions. Now you pay pretty much the same thing but it only lasts you 1 single Mission. Why?

2 years 19 days ago
Okee, have played some Missions now and have some things I would like to mention.

1. Good things to see the new mechanic used with Datahunt used on Artifact Mission too.

2. Do not like the fact that when you use Stun Mine you are still blocked of getting to use the F on Weaopn Tower and blocked getting to open Chests.

3. Had about 50 or so Fate pts, and see Destruction Amplification in Store. Checked it to buy, would not budge. Go play A Mission, come back, try again, not possible to buy it. Buys Mind Reset, and then tries to click to buy Destruction again. This time works. But now I only have 10 Fate left.

Anyway, it was just odd.

2 years 19 days ago
A bit late I must say announcing it on THE Official Site the very same day as it starts. But ok.

Nice of you to finally fix the Hold F, accidentally hit the SHIFT and get stuck Effect too. Hope you have done this for Artifact Missions too. Have played up till Lvl30 so far.

But I must say I was a tiny little bit surprised of not seeing the new Battle Sister DLC up for buying. I was kinda Expecting/Hoping to see her ready for this Season 5.

And so far Ssn 5 seems interesting. Also happy to see the Shards from Ssn 1-3 is back and available to collect.

2 years 19 days ago
That's so nice, crusaders now have more available options, and we finally see the DoT bug removed.

Could you guys add a progress bar to the shard of grace ? Can't see anything like that.

2 years 20 days ago

Tweaked the Heavy Bolter's skills and mechanics

Tweaked the Heavy Flamer's skills and mechanics

Tweaked the Melta Gun and the Multi-Melta

-> and how? what has changed exactly?

2 years 20 days ago

"Fixed an issue where the Eviscerate skill of the Chainsword was too quiet"


2 years 20 days ago
Outstanding, Can't wait to play.