[PC] Season 6 launch date & Hotfix | December 7


Updates to W40K: Inquisitor will be released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client (in on-line mode) is restarted.


a new hotfix has just been released for Inquisitor and with that we closed Season of Judgement - Inquisitor's 5th Season - on PC. All seasonal characters have been merged into the non-Seasonal database. In case, you are wondering what happened to all your stuff, check the details below.

But that's not all! Even though Season 5 just ended, you will have only 7 days to get some rest, sort out your gear and prepare for the new objectives as

Season of Escalation is on its way to PC, launching on December 14!

Besides, we included a few fixes and changes in today's update. Here is the details of the patch note:

Hotfix v2.7.0c


  • Increased the drop rate of Combo Weapons and Sororitas-specific 2-handers for Battle Sister players
  • Halved the spread of the Full Auto skill of the Bolt Pistol & Chainsword combo
  • Increased the damage of the Plasma Pistol & Brazier's Scorched Earth skill by 20%
  • Reworked the Cabal Quest reward system: Players will continue to get weekly rewards, but if they do not accept them within 1 week, the previous reward will be overwritten

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed an issue with the walk, get-up, and the fall animations of the Sword + Pistol combo for the Battle Sister
  • Fixed an issue where the Construct Setup label did not appear on the Command Bridge in English language
  • Fixed a crash occurring on the Starmap

Seasonal Merge Details

Seasonal characters will simply become non-seasonal, regular characters, so you will be able to keep playing with them. The items you have on your characters, stash, and inventory will be also transferred over to non-season. Seasonal items with special names and enchants will remain - you might find some use to their special enchants during upcoming events! 

There are several Seasonal mechanics tied to the Seasonal Journey and the Objectives in it - those rewards tied to the Journey will not be carried over, such as the Store discount bonuses. However, the remaining Seasonal Shards that your character might have, albeit not dropping or craftable anymore, will be carried through into non-season. 

Currencies like Favor, Credits, and Fate will be simply merged into non-season. It is time to buy all that extra stuff with the goods you have earned! Crafting materials such as Sparks of Glory will be merged as well. Speaking of crafting, your blueprint charges on Seasonal characters should add up to your non-seasonal charges. All your unlocked blueprints, and Inoculator unlocks should be carried over safely as well. 

Aside of items and crafting, Campaign and assignment progress is going to be carried over as well, of course, along with Ordo and Influence unlocks. Your Heroic Deeds that you have unlocked on your Seasonal Inquisitor should now be unlocked on your regular characters. Heroic Deed progress should be carried over and added to your existing progress, so you may get some additional unlocks! 

Tarot Card progress should work in a bit different way: Unlocked tarot cards will be carried over, but for the cards in progress, the player will receive the same amount of tarot card items instead. Tarot Seals will simply be carried over and merged into non-Season. 

Your active missions should remain so, such as Intels and Void Crusades. 

The Emperor Protects!

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[PC] Season 6 launch date & Hotfix | December 7
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1 year 213 days ago
Posted by Marcopolocs 1 year 213 days ago
You have too many stuff Brother Kundari!:O 

Jokes aside, we increased the original 3 tabs to 5 and the inventory tabs as well. Still not enough? :O

Enough? Far from it.

No, seriously. Please. How am I supposed to find room for them all? And I´m talking about Seasonal Stuff ONLY. I know I may not going to be using all of it, like ever and very most likely just some of it. But how am I supposed to delete Seasonal Items ONLY? If I delete items like this, I will never, never, ever be able to get them back.

I even have Characters on my list that I do wish to delete, but I can´t, since I am well, having Seasonal Items on them.

When you have Seasonal Items from Seasons like Warp Surge, Void Brethren... Is that really stuff you want to delete and erase? Maybe some do, but I do not wish to do so. At least not yet, anyway. I say make a Chest meant for Seasonal Items ONLY, and categorize them into their belonging Seasons.

Imagine how much stuff (Lol) I must be sitting on regarding Seasonal Items ONLY when we come to Season 12, eh?! Am I supposed to delete it? I can´t.

1 year 213 days ago
Brother Kundari
You have too many stuff Brother Kundari!:O 

Jokes aside, we increased the original 3 tabs to 5 and the inventory tabs as well. Still not enough? :O

1 year 213 days ago
Season 4 is prepared and although we could launch it on Playstation, we want a joint release with Xbox. However, the Xbox patch has not yet been approved by Microsoft. Once approved, we will launch Season 4.

The console team's next priority will be the Sororitas class. We even hope for a Q1 2023 release but we will see. The next-gen console versions took a long time so now we want to catch up a bit more with the PC version.

1 year 216 days ago

Please Neocore, we need more Storage Space. But for Seasonal Specific Items ONLY.

Like some kind of Endless Pouch.

This comment was edited 1 year 216 days ago by Brother Kundari
1 year 218 days ago
Ok, was sitting looking through all my stuff I have on some of my Characters, and damn I have a LOT of Season specific Gears/Items. And seriously, where do I put them all? I need more Space, and I was thinking... Neocore could give us a Chest on the Deck. But that Chest is only for one use, and that is for putting all Seasonals specific Items inside. No matter how much stuff you got, that Chest have place for ALL of it. Doesn´t matter how much stash you have. And it places it from the specific Season it is/was from. Specific Seasonal items is not something I wish to sell.

Another thing is good to have Season 6 starting on such a quick note. Looking forward to it. Need to maintain my Ranking you know. It takes dedication to stay among the Tops of Seasonal Best Players Overall, in the World.

1 year 218 days ago
Meanwhile consoles STILL haven't received season 4 yet.  It would be nice if we could get an update there too?
1 year 218 days ago
Season 6 is not out yet. We will update the compendium on the next week, just before the Season launches.
1 year 218 days ago
Where can we go to look at the new seasonal mechanic?  the others are on the compendium but I did not see season 6
1 year 218 days ago
I feel a top3 result in the air. :O
1 year 218 days ago
Thanks for the heads up for new players ;)
1 year 218 days ago

What a coincidence.
My vacation starts on the 15th^^