[PC] Hotfix for Inquisitor - v2.4.0c | July 15


Updates to W40K: Inquisitor - Martyr will be released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client (in on-line mode) is restarted.

Patch v2.4.0c

Fixed bugs

  • Several crash and stability fixes
  • The difficulty of various Void Crusade missions scaled incorrectly, making these missions harder than intended. This has been fixed
  • Warp Anomalies no longer scale from the Psyker's own damage (No more random oneshots)
  • Psyker anomalies no longer spawn when interacting with things or when a cutscene plays.
  • Seasonal Archeotech Weapons now properly use the enhanced skills they should
  • Warp vulnerability on melee hit now only rolls for Psyker
  • Shield HP doctrine (gain 50% of your max life as energy shield) now works properly
  • 75% Heat Damage Doctrine now works properly
  • Symbiosys rune removed from the Psyker's Fiery form as it had no effect
  • Fixed an issue where some Season 3 enchants did not roll properly on items
  • Fixed an issue where a Kataphron Destroyer could appear on both the Command Bridge and on the Starmap
  • Construct gears and blueprints no longer drop. Similarly, they cannot be crafted anymore
  • Fixed the Grenade Launcher's ammunition counter which could go into the negative and consequently did not reload automatically
  • In various story campaign missions the volume of certain NPCs was considerably lower. This has been fixed
  • Items from previous Seasons could be obtained through rewards and caches. This has been fixed
  • The Thunderbolt of Authority Seasonal mechanic no longer hinders the progress of the Psychic Retribution Heroic Deed
  • The Soul Grinder received several new effects and some skill priority fixes
  • The shard crafting process could not be managed with the controller. This has been fixed
  • The level of missions in Co-Op Void Crusade did not display properly. This has been fixed
  • The loot quality stat's description has been corrected on the Character sheet
  • Fixed an issue where characters equipped with certain Inoculators could not pick up Medical Supply charges dropped from chests
  • Void Plunder keys, Tech Fragments and Void Dusts are no longer visible in the inventory when opening the shop and the message panel
  • Fixed an issue where the Character sheet did not get updated when you put on or took off a gem from any item
  • The notification window about a completed Seasonal task could make the screen grey and unresponsive. This has been fixed
  • Various typos and strings have been corrected


  • Decreased Void Brethren Insignia I drop rates slightly
  • Increased the drop rate of Void Brethren III insignias slightly
  • Increased the drop rate of Void Plunder keys moderately
  • New secondary enchants that give resists roll on everything except weapons and signums to make it easier to max out resists.
  • Persistent Damage effects' damage have been reduced by 20-50%
  • Mitigator Inoculator component's behavior changed to give DoT immunity for 5 seconds
  • Tech Adept Tech fragment drop rate was increased by 200% at +0 lvl, 700% at +10 lvls
  • Fabius Bile's Hp was increased by 250% in Human and 550% in Demon Form. Several of his demon form skills were not used, these are now fixed
  • From now on Medical Supply boxes drop 1 Inoculator charge consistently
  • From now on the Crusader's Tarantula Sentries (Sentinel Armour turrets) are summoned the same way than the Tech-Adept's turrets. They inflict AoE damage and Knockback/Slow on nearby enemies. Additionally, the turret's fire rate has been increased by 35% and they can be summoned while moving
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[PC] Hotfix for Inquisitor - v2.4.0c | July 15
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2 years 309 days ago


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2 years 310 days ago

Then slam in another item and reroll it again. For everything you CAN REROLL. Apparently you haven´t unlocked the correct reroll feature.

I do assume you actually mean The Challenge, and not an ACHIEVEMENT.

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2 years 313 days ago

I have an issue with the achievement "Unlock the Rerolling Feature and Reroll an Enchantment" I have already unlocked them but in the tier II shows it unchecked.

2 years 318 days ago
Be nice to see a warp event once in a while...( I know warp flecks are not everywhere) but shouldn't they show up once in a while when you convert physical damage to warp damage?

2 years 318 days ago
Excellent news. Thanks for all your hard work guys and well done on the out of the box thinking/changes!
2 years 318 days ago
Yes, we re-scaled them so they no longer feel punishing - or so we hope. 
2 years 319 days ago
Did the number of anomalies that spawn get decreased? Because that was the real issues with dozens of them popping up on top of each other over very short periods while doing nothing but standing there.  
2 years 319 days ago
Thanks for increasing the Tech Fragment drop.