[PC] Favorites reset after a mission.


Here is an exemple of favorites items I set, before starting a new mission:

After the mission, the 3 favorites items, are not marked as Favorites anymore.

I tested later to sell all my stuff by categories, and everything was gone, includes other items I set as Favorites that were not marked as Favorites too (in case this was a display issue). Thus, the Favorite feature is not working as it resets each time after a mission.

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[PC] Favorites reset after a mission.
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1 year 31 days ago
This bug appeared with the controller only, that was the problem. ^^
1 year 34 days ago
Since the last update I do not have the issue anymore, thanks.
1 year 45 days ago
Please verify the game files when you have some time. 

I checked on the problem and had no trouble with the feature. I tried many ways: post-mission check, alt+f4 check, main menu logout check, Tech-Priest salvage page check and so on. I could not reproduce the issue.

Does this appear regularly for you guys? Or you noticed it at some point but it's working now? Because if it's the latter then it might be a desync issue between the client and the servers.

1 year 52 days ago
Also Alt+F4 resets favourites.
1 year 52 days ago
Favourites also reset by just going to main menu and back to game.