[PC] Edict of Extermination - Event



Recent weeks have seen the emergence of numerous new individual threats in the Caligary Sector. Prognosticars have identified several of these entities as harbingers of an approaching crisis. Needless to say, averting another major catastrophe is of the utmost priority, so the Caligari Conclave has decided to issue a new Edict.

The following enemies of the Imperium have been identified as primary targets inneed of immediate elimination. In His name they shall be obliterated from existence:

The name of the targets: 

Abritz Bloodhunter, Curvek Blisterbrand, Elosias Rustscream, Orock 'Lucky' Hagan, Gothelch Mouldbelly, Brius Ironwrath, Fulgorgal Festergore, Anandriae Spiritcrest.

Fixed issues

  • Fixed various backend communication problems

The Emperor Protects.

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[PC] Edict of Extermination - Event
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1 year 169 days ago
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1 year 185 days ago
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1 year 246 days ago
Any info on where to stand the best chance of finding the different Villains?

Have not played a ton lately, but would be nice to just have this Event completed. Other then that I am just waiting for the next Season and New Character to be released. 

1 year 252 days ago
Thanks ! The issue is gone now :)
1 year 252 days ago
Fixed the issue with a backend update (no client-side patch needed). Please let me know if you still experience the bug.
1 year 252 days ago
Big problem after the patch: items dropped during mission are lost after returning to bridge :(