[PC] Buying back Uther's Tarot Cards lock them



I got this bug with my Seasonal Character + Playing with a XB controller (did not try to repro on my other characters). I might have been sleepy but when checking my inventory, I forgot I was in the shop menu. So instead of using them, I sold them by mistake. 

I bought them back, but once back in my inventory, it locked them. I played a mission to see if getting more would unlock them, but it did not as each time I tried to use them, it was selecting the Void Key of Escalation:

Worst, I notice this also locked the Tarot Seals of this season. As a fix, I sold all my Tarot Cards, played a mission to get "new fresh ones" and I was able to use them this time. 

I looks the issue is related to Tarot Cards you buy back from Van Wynter.

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[PC] Buying back Uther's Tarot Cards lock them
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1 year 31 days ago
Noted, thank you for the clear explanation of the bug and the screenshots! If you let me know your in-game account name I will provide you a bunch of new Tarot cards.