PC and Console feedback suggestions



Warhammer Inquisitor:  Martyr has become one of my favorite games, providimg both exciting (Void Crusades) and chill (below level grinds for Cortex Fragments) gaming.  As I've played, I also expanded my purchases from XBox Series X to PC versions, and greatly appreciated Neocore's porting of my character.  And now having gotten comfortable with both version types, I would like to offer 2 suggestions for the PC and Console versions.

PC - for the Rogue Trader, allow us to use Tab to swap weapon sets while shopping (as we can do on Console).

Console:  allow us to use the right stick for aiming or a "twin stick shooter" type option.

This game is a great combination of playstylea and I hope it continues to have a long life on both PC qnd consoles.  Thank you for all your creative hard work.

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PC and Console feedback suggestions
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