Opinion on Escalation Season 6 and some other things


By end of the 6th & Season of Escalation, I need to say a few things. Which I have done about quite a few things in this game for a very long time, and I guess I  even repeated myself a few good times too, and in many cases it is nothing new either, but it needs to be said and put on the table.

First off, let us start off by giving this Season 6 Escalation a big huge thumbs down as down as it can get down. This is quite outright THE MOST boring Season EVER in your book Neocore. I mean, why did you even ever bother to do such a move for a Season like this to begin with? No fresh ideas, no fresh papers, no fresh anything.

1. A HUGE major failure was to do a DIRECT COPY of the 4th Season. Why do this at all?? HUGE bummer. Season 4 was an overall boring experience. Why do the very same thing all over again and even make the 6th even more boring?

2. Seasonal Bosses of 6th Season. Why make this one so extremely hard that most people would just get tired of it all and just quit the whole Season for it? Nothing wrong with Big and truly HARD Challenges to complete, but this one here is and was quite simply ridicolous, no fun and nowhere near even being Challenging. Just stupid. Who actually came up with this nonsense of a Challenge? I actually gave up myself, even though I really did not wanted to.

3. When it comes to Seasonal Challenges I want more difference in each of the Seasons. Concerning around 50% of the Seasonal Challenges I do not wish to always have the same Challenges Season after Season after Season. I want sligtly different ones and even harder ones to feel like I have actually been given a Challenge to do. When you look at those No-lifers completing all Tiers it takes them hardly a week to do. Not more then at most 2 weeks.

4. The new Class. The Battle Sister. Yep, we needed it, after such a long wait. And I must say I liked trying her out in the game. The only thing I want to put my finger on though, is she does needs a litle bit of tweaking still. Feels a little weak in some areas. I also wished she would have had 1 or 2 more unique Skills on the Tree after waiting for a year + for her to finally come out after she was announced COMING SOON. Yeah, and one more thing. Why on earth is she not able to carry stuff like a Heavy Flamer, Heavy Bolter etc..??

5. And yes, this one have been mentioned giganticus tons of times. Neocore, we players want and NEEDS more Content. The entire GAME needs more Content. I´m sure you in Neocore is working on some nice stuff that eventually will come, but I need to express that some of the things we need now. Is it money it is relied upon being able to make more DLC and Expansions for this game? Why not make some small DLC that adds small extra to-do stuff to the game. And then when you released enough of that over a period of time, you release the Gigantic big stuff that adds a LOT more new stuff to the game. People want it and they want to buy it, and again, we need it. Or else, unfortunately, I see this game as dead. Do not make this game Dead. Make it ALIVE!!! Damn, this game still has the potential to ROCK the market.

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Opinion on Escalation Season 6 and some other things
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1 year 39 days ago
Thank you for your thoughtful insight into what aspects you find important in a season. Our dev team is working hard to come up with features and mechanics that satisfy as many players as possible. Hopefully this new one will be more to your liking!