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Some of you asked whether there will be different kinds of Points of Interests in the Caligari Sector, and today we present some variations. It’s still not everything (plenty more reveals are coming), but they’re quite a sight.

Viridian III Archeotech Base, Balthar System

This mysterious void station is a relic of the lost advanced human knowledge from the Dark Age of Technology, when heretic science flourished openly. It was discovered by the Explorator Fleet of the Adeptus Mechanicus and has been under their jurisdiction until a series of still undisclosed catastrophes that left the station in ruins.

Tempestus Citadel, Star Fort, Nereus System

This orbital Star Fort plays a key role in keeping the occasional intrusion of Chaos into the subsector under control. A bustling nexus of military activity with a significant presence of all Inquisitorial Ordos.

Tartarus IV, Death World, Aethon System

A frozen world inhabited by a dwindling colony of penitents living under the surface for centuries. Prolonged warp surges turned the planet into a deadly trap by creating a phenomenon called „creeping ice”, which actively hunts and devours anything that produces heat. The survivors spend most of their lifespan in suspended state of animation, locked inside armoured vaults, eventually cracked open by the ice anomaly.

Port Ascalon, Void Station, Dagnor System

This ancient orbital station has a plenty of docking facilities, but it has seen better days. The sacred machines keeping the station alive are prone to breakdowns, even under the constant vigil of the Tech-Priests, and an entire sublevel was cut off from the main areas, providing shelter for undesirable elements, so it requires a thorough cleansing from time to time.

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Open World: Points of Interests
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