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I've played the game a lot, i have talked to many people who played it on pc and console. And all have said the same, server issues, connectivity problems, many bugs caused by that.

I can say that at least 50% of bugs and loss of progression came from bad connection to the servers. It causes missions to fail at the end because you will get an infinite loading time after teleporting out. You loose items and get severe stash bugs. Reputation bugs which arent loaded in correctly because of connection, Void crusade dissapearence because of connection ect. 

I could list more , but its absolutely obvious that the online service is very bad, and thats also the main reason i shy away from recommending the game. It can be very fun, but those obvious problems are a big turn off for most/casual players.

We need an offline mode where we can progress our characters without the need of an internet connection, and only switch to online mode if we want to get registered in the Rank list or for coop.

I also feel very worried about the state of the game, it has bugs for long periods of time plus the very bad server issues. We all purchased the game but in fact we are only renting it until the servers are completely down. I understand that you are a small studio and someday WH40k martyr wont be profitable anymore.

We want that our characters we invested hundreds if not thousands of hours into still be there in the future and we can play it without reliance on internet and servers, especially in those uncertain times offline mode is a much needed feature. And we want that we truly own the game not only renting server space and quiet possibly throw away thousands of hours. We wanna be able to play the game still in 20 years which wont be possible with an always online game.

Please see this request as an good opportunity to fix a lot of bugs with the game and win a lot of good will of the playerbase.

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Offline mode
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3 years 75 days ago
Ok, if you say so. On some of it.
3 years 76 days ago
You can rest assured, we don't plan to shut down the servers in the foreseeable future. If we are to come to the conclusion that such a step should be taken we will definitely consider making an offline mode. 

But, and I have to emphasize this, we still actively support the game and don't want to make all these efforts nor the efforts of our community to be in vain.:)

3 years 77 days ago
Brother Kundari

Stop using this  condescending tone  in a discussion specially when most of what you say is completely wrong or make no sense.

Most of what you say can perfectly be implemented on a offline game, that just a fact...

3 years 77 days ago
Ok, get OFFLINE mode right at this very moment.

And also accept the following.

May not be more opening of new Sectors.

May not be more reveals of Races/Species happening.

No more type of DLCs that shows ranking ladders and more.

No more Global Events.

No more Seasons happening.

No more specific Goals happening.

Does this sound and may be cool?

3 years 77 days ago
Yes always online sucks, ranklists and coop is cool but there should always be an alternative in Rpg games where you invest a lot of hours into. And i also have to let everyone know that i tried the game on 1Gb/s 500mb/s and 10mb/s internet speeds, so from high to really low, and i kept getting the same server and connection problems, so its clearly not a problem on our side. I really like the game i just want to make sure it has a future.
3 years 77 days ago

I totally agree  and i truly hope when neocoregames will stop supporting the game they will make  the game FULLY playable offline or even better before.

I really like the game  and despite the issues this game has, i recommand it  when i can but very often  all i hear is : online only? No thank! but to be fair a decent percentage of peoples have poor internet connection in my country which certainly don't help

3 years 78 days ago
I completely agree. I love this game in fact this is my all time favorite and i am heavily invested on it. I do wish to play this game up to my older age im 42 right now. Pls make an offline mode Neocore.