[Official] Season 3 Closure Date



a little more than 5 weeks left until the closure of Season of the Void Brethren on PC. November 24 will mark the end of Season 3. The closure process will occur the same way it did in Season 1 and Season 2 so all Seasonal characters, achievements and items will be merged into the non-Seasonal accounts.

You will have a short period to rest before we call you all into battle once again as the closure means one more thing: the slowly approaching Season 4

But first things first: you still have tasks to complete. Leave your name in the Hall of Heroes and collect the Seasonal rewards. You will probably need them to fight and survive in Season 4.

The Emperor Protects.

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[Official] Season 3 Closure Date
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2 years 141 days ago
Oh. Well, I don't use Facebook, so no way to know...

If you did it on FB, why not also post it here or on your Discord?

2 years 141 days ago
I think we did that on Facebook last time. :O
2 years 141 days ago
You guys should end every season with a short recap infographics or something, choosing random highlights, like players with fastest average mission clear time, most nurglings killed, most one-hit kills, highest average kill ratio per mission, most lvl 100 items looted, etc.

Pick them at random towards the end of each season and let us end the seasons with a bit of fun!

2 years 176 days ago
Thank you very much for giving me a heads up. I appreciate it. 24th of November it is. I will make sure to get all Challenges completed this time around.