[Official] New update will be out on June 10



We're happy to share, that the next patch for King Arthur: Knight's Tale will be out on June 10 (Thursday) on Steam. This will be the second content update since we launched our Early Access and it is by far the biggest one. We've shared some info about the patch already, but since some minor things have changed, let's see exactly what to expect in this update - just to make things clear.

First and foremost, this update will add all the remaining story missions for Act 1 as well as numerous side and random missions. Act 1 will be now more or less completely playable from beginning to end in its Early Access stage. It doesn't mean we won't change things as we go forward, but this should give you a idea how one Act in the game would work.

Some maps will be completely new, some, that were already in the game, got reworked completely. The reworked maps - mostly side missions - got a lot more interesting, with new encounters, NPCs, heroes, quest givers and new story bits. Instead of flooding you with heroes after the second story map, you'll meet Sir Yvan, Sir Pelleas and others (including new ones) in different maps, with their own storyline. Based on your feedback this was something you all requested, we hope this'll be a favored addition.

Besides the continuation of the story, we added several new management features, including the Loyalty System, Events in-between missions, a further-polished Morality Chart, Hero Traits, the Journal, and more. Again, some of these features can change in Early Access, as we check your feedback and continue testing new options.

Camelot has some new additions as well in this patch. Its most renowned building, the Round Table, is now accessible and upgradable. Here you can manage your active Hero roster, add Court Titles to your heroes, pass certain Laws and various Decrees as part of your kingdom management. You can also now access the Crypt (previously known as the Burial Grounds), which serves as a place to pay respects to fallen heroes.

Because of the reworked maps, and because of the huge number of changes, old saves will not work after this update. This was a necessary thing to do in this patch (and we'll avoid it in future Early Access patches, if possible), in order to update the game properly. But since old maps, and almost everything changed besides the tutorial map, starting a new game would make sense anyway.

More detailed patch notes with all the new features, all the balance changes and fixes are coming soon around the release day! We're also restructuring the roadmap for the future - this is being done in order to introduce better deadlines and avoid confusion. Thank you for your patience!

Avalon - and the Knight of Midnight - awaits!

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[Official] New update will be out on June 10
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