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Here's what's coming in the Touch of the Omnissiah update in Q1 2019:

  • Main campaign fully playable in Co-Op
  • Monster rebalance and more variety in combat gameplay
  • New endgame item tier with new skills included
  • Improving/balancing the responsivity and combat speed of classes
  • Challenge System
  • Revamped Crafting
  • Various quality of life improvements (mission selector, skippable loot scene and tutorials, etc.)
  • New Warzone for max-level players
  • …and more!
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[Official] Martyr 2.0 - Touch of the Omnissiah Discussion
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5 years 69 days ago

Any news regarding Player2 progession in local co-op?


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5 years 96 days ago
I apologize if this has been covered, I watched portions of the 2.0 stream but may have missed it over the duration. Also, I did some searching on here and other posts and didn't see anything definitive. I was curious, with the reworking of equipment and gear levels, are enchants on the equipment going to scale all the way from level 1 to 100 (or 105 if that ends up being max ilvl since I thought I read we could equip up to 5 levels over)? As it stands now, enchants stop getting more powerful around ilvl 40 and the only thing that continues to increase is powerlevel. Just hoping to see the stats continue to grow, or at least be retuned so even if the old max is now reached at 100, at least there is steady progression through the levels. Looking forward to this update and putting some time into it and the newest DLCs. Thanks
5 years 108 days ago

Those who didn't have the opportunity to watch our streams about the 2.0 patch, can re-watch them under the following links:

The new fast-paced combat:


General discussion about the patch and its content:


Here you can read the not yet full list in a written form of what will come with the 2.0 patch:


I will regularly keep this post updated about the latest news and videos about the upcoming patch!

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5 years 109 days ago
All the changes coming with the 2.0 update will be accessible with all the already existing characters but in order to play the campaign in coop you have to start a new character. Replaying the campaign from the start won't be an option though.
5 years 110 days ago
Just read a translation from steam about what's coming and am super excited...ranged builds revised YES...we must have sniper assassins not mention all those plasma and bolt weapons awaiting to become greater...the whole campaign expansion though i have to ask will it be after the missions already there or in the middle...in other words do i have to make a new character to replay the campaign to see the new stuff or can i see it on existing characters?
5 years 120 days ago
Posted by Veda Raa 5 years 124 days ago

Seeing they have never hit a promised date on any major content; I wouldn't hold my breath that they will hit the Q1 date.

That I would not know anything about. But I do know that delays in the Gaming Industry is not a foreign word. But I also do know that in the cases of the saying better late then never is better off then completely totally cancelled and NEVER coming out at all. And if this results in a better and more polished release then it would otherwise have been done, then better surely for that.
5 years 123 days ago


is it worth the wait?

1)increase boltgun damage

2)access to missions with the imperial knight, off the storyline + modification of the imperial knight?

3)omphal demonium? (just a joke)

4)eldar in hanging cages? (not a joke)

5 years 124 days ago
Posted by Brother Kundari 5 years 129 days ago
I can´t imagine it is very long till all the PC players around are able to download this update and play out of their hearts content. It does say 1st Quarter of ´19, so most likely just around the corner.

And I can´t imagine an update either without some kind of complaints either. I´m sure they will come pouring out after a few days after this Update.

Seeing they have never hit a promised date on any major content; I wouldn't hold my breath that they will hit the Q1 date.

5 years 126 days ago
hello any news? Keep up the good work !
5 years 129 days ago
I can´t imagine it is very long till all the PC players around are able to download this update and play out of their hearts content. It does say 1st Quarter of ´19, so most likely just around the corner.

And I can´t imagine an update either without some kind of complaints either. I´m sure they will come pouring out after a few days after this Update.

5 years 130 days ago

Q1 2019 is almost passed away, where is this update? Can't wait for it as I stopped to play this game many months ago because coop was shit or uninteresting and overall the game was boring.

5 years 131 days ago
psi abilities will only occur on the psyker, otherwise it is not balance or lore friendly, lets not get stupid with it. that is how you lose access to an i.p.

attachments would be very cool but a massive effort to revamp the loot system and invalidate most of it if you can just mod a weapon to feel the way you want it to. neat but unlikely.

weapon skill overhaul/choices for the 4 would be ideal as i like the shoot and retreat skill but only having it on the autogun/flamer is annoying, i just wanna debuff and leave with my boltgun dammit.

5 years 144 days ago

The big question for me is, will there be enough build customization to keep me around, it looked like the psyker was quite nice, but i played crusader and that felt like very limited customization (just passive skill points). I mean... when you compare that to some other ARPG's on the market where one item will change how your entire character plays or one skill point will change the feel, look and purpose of an ability. A part from that, i'm looking forward to getting into this with my partner once we can do the campaign together and i'll just roll a psyker this time and see if it's any better :P. Otherwise personally i actually really dig this game.

P.S i was clicking around and accidently down voted this post, i have no way of undoing my vote or even upvoting it now, might wanna get that looked into...   

*artificial upvote* (x2 since i made it go down accidently -.-)

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5 years 148 days ago
is there any update to the progress of 2.0?
5 years 180 days ago
Yes, and it would be nice with some more varied Mission types as well.
5 years 182 days ago

When thinking about it. I don´t know and do not think it will at least come with this Update, perhaps later, but I do wish for more Achievements for PC players.

When I look at those Console Players out there they have tons more then the PCs. PC players have 14 and Console players have something like 80 or 90+ something.

I also wish for a Competitive Event with Leaderboards and Prizes to be earned.

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5 years 189 days ago

an option to incrase the difficult for the dlc missions will be fine!

5 years 190 days ago
That is an nice idea, to have atachments on the weapons like bigger mag and stuff.
5 years 191 days ago
Great to hear that some new things are coming to the game. 

I am a big fan of action RPGs and have played many of them for 100s of hours. I had also high hopes for this one due to setting and graphics etc. I see a couple of main issues that if solved would bring the game many players satisfied for a long time:

1) not enough variety: a) not enough skills b) skills don't feel really different => e.g. I have a 2h weapon and all 4 shots feel kind of the same, but then I only have grenade and focus skill, so for the player it feels like having only 3 skills

- psyker feels like how it should have been for every character: has more skills, more variety, more customizability for those skills (with the "runes")

So, 3 main solutions in my opinion: 

A) add some customizable psi skills for all characters in addition to everything they have right now

B) make the 4 different weapon skills more different and fun to use

C) make weapons "customizable" by adding "modules", so e.g. I can add explosion ammunition to any weapon adding heat and explosion; bigger magazines, more heat reduction, sniper scope gives more range, etc. etc. => so many options and gives the game so much more depth and customizability

=> if somebody says: "this is not correct in 40K universe": well, I don't care. If the game is bad in its current state and can become great by some little "creative freedoms", it would be a small price to pay with a lot of reward.

2) feels too grindy and this already at early levels. progession is really slow. Action RPGs live by "luring me in" by giving me a lot of progress early on: first x levels need to go quick and give me noticeable stuff: really cool new skills, make me feel much more powerful, etc. Here: I get 1 skill point. that gives me 1.5% more area damage => "wohoo".. :( other than that? one new weapon that just looks different but feels the same again..

Hope this helps to improve.

Kind regards from Hamburg,


5 years 191 days ago
i Have think abbout all that.. i like the idea that the spell "Enfeeble" becomes high suppresion damage. i mean it makes no damage but the stund and slow effekt. what about that? to make there extra suppresion damage?

and i mean high because it have an high cooldown :)

5 years 191 days ago
Van Bolt Thrower

I'm using warp rods build with AOE+Ranged+Heat skill trees

So can also admit that all enemies dying before suppression drops event to yellow.

Tried molten in the beggining but being channeled it require standing still while overcomming and facing all damage...

So I agree that supression damage should be balanced on psyker.

5 years 191 days ago

I Play know an while the Psyker and i like him.

i haved the idea to play him as an crode control psyker. there are options for him to make that with the psychic powers lineand the spells in it (enfeeble, constrikt, haemorrhage) but i can make that only on normal enemys. not all of the grate enemys but the most have so mutch high suppresion resist that i cant use all the fine spells in a good way. sure iam not maxed psyker (iam know lvl70 and i have every suppresion skill what i can thake from the skill trees realy every skill). i have make my relic signuns and stuff modded to make extra suppresion damage.

but i can only a small amount off enemy bring down to yellow suppresion and more less to red (there are only 3 enemys where that is possibel). before that they are long dead, because my normal damage is mutrch higher than the suppresion damage.

i think one of the problem is the lack of possibilitys for the psyker to have weapons/spells that make realy good supresion damage plus the balance of lifepoints and suppresion resist of the enemy.

weapons i have only one staff (that i use) that have extra suppresion. and only ONE!!! spell that makes suppresion. but that spell is an spell that makes oround me the caster suppresion damage. and that is worst for me.. i play it as an ranged char and for my ranged psyker i have no option to make high suppresion spells from the distance... only that staff :(

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5 years 192 days ago
Optimizing the engine,  adds more variety of armors & weapons models, revamping the fusion utility
5 years 192 days ago
If you are playing on the console you can auto-select through the notifications in the upper right corner. 
5 years 194 days ago
Optimise the damn engine, its atrocious!
5 years 198 days ago

Main campaign fully playable in Co-Op

-Yes! it's great! and add more numbers of characters to the console in the local co-op with full customization. at least 3.

5 years 199 days ago

-option to scale the debuff icon on enemys, actualy they are realy small.

- more options for the floating text:

on enemy see an floating text for debuffs (failed and/ore gained)

- changing the "collect data" missions. on the cogitator no pressing action, more like on the defence missions to defend an cogitator for  "X"sec. without pressing constantly the "f" button.

- "warzone buffs" for every mission:

yuse the buffs on regular/Tarot/investigation/story missions with cost of Favor.

so ihave more from my warzone rank.

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5 years 199 days ago
Option for toggeling "Hold Position" will be grate
5 years 201 days ago
I hope the mission selector (and the narrative campaing) skips Ragnar TOTALLY as some sort of workaround.

She seems to be essencially the main source of bugs and progression halt.
5 years 201 days ago
Hi, I recently started playing. The priority missions should give much better experience and rewards as there seems to be no point in running them so far.

Also, there seems to be no way to select which system the priority is on. I keep getting the same planet for all my priority missions every time.

5 years 205 days ago

Hi There and sorry for the bad english.

some ideas after 300 hours and more playing the game.

and some screenshots so i have make an owne thread :D because my english is not the best and maybee with the screenshots you better understand what i mean.

at first the foundry:

I have the idea that the fusion of relics can a bit more.. to incrase the item lvl too. the reason why?

after the item cap incrase i search on max lvl exact for the same main weapon i actually have. with the same dammage same stats and all.. and that is the point i think to me? "why not have a chance to incrase the item lvl with fusion? maybe gives one relic fuse one item lvl. so i must work for the item incrase. for 10 LVL i need 10 relics. like maybe that one:

Another idea is to craft the owne relic . maybe with an 1 time only blue print where we can choose what kinnd of the relic owne enchartment that will have too:

another thing what is a littel complicate is the modifying of the items. i see not what is the maximum value of an enchantment and what kind of enchantment can have the item.. that have another public action rpg (that is not soo good as martyr but it was okay before martyr came online) and i think it will be good on martyr too.. on the right sight of the modify screen we have mutch space for that:

-another point that will be good: in van helsing we have the choice to put another skin to the weapons and armore.

that was allwasy an good option for me. because the fashion is important!! (trust me i play fashionframe for a long time.... i mean warframe)

- more different tile sets.

       at the moment we have the same tile set for an bunker as for an voidtsation/space ship.

i missing the feeling to be on an station. in the campain we have one mission where we attacke the bridge of an ship to take the commander down (i mean it was an black legion commander) but the bridge is an room that is an quarter with one ore 2 cognitators.. no windows or stuff that i see on an spaceship like the bridge of oure main char.

 in the first mission with an new char we have the hangar deck. and this is unik and only in the campain, but that is an feeling for an spaceship.

to see an engine room, or an torpedo bay. stuff like that.

- missions on the star map where we can play the knight or the bainblade.

actualy they are only in the campain missions.

-the option to capture vehicels that have low suppression. (the omnissiah will be pleased)

-rebalancing the suppresion damage. i have that with the crusader and the psyker... with higher rank i make mutch moore damage as suppresion damage.. and the enemy will be dead before the suppresion going to yellow/red. the last i tried was on the crusader with the heavy bolter. i use EVERY SKILL THAT GIVE EXTRA SUPPRESION DAMAGE. realy every skill i can take. make my gear with extra suppresion damage (on weapons and signuns) and in 90% of all enemys i have the problem that they are long way dead before the suppresion damage is downe and usefull.

it is the same on low lvl enemys or on missions with 400PR over mi owne. i make more damage than suppresion damage.. the only thing were it works OKAY is with the tarrot card that gives the enemy double lifepoints and damage.

but the suppression damage on myself goes down in notime :D i aktualy use the perk that give me infinitive suppresion to handle that.

at time i will make to that an owne thread.. but this will take time ad many screenshots^^

-most importand for me: RETINUE!

  i Love the idea of an retinue that come with me on missions! because iam not an "meta" player i played most of time alone.. i dont like to rush the missions. and for that is an companion an absolute grate option. most i play ranged based chars and than its good to have an closecombat tank.

i love the missions with klosterheim and caius thorne on my side. they ruun infront of the enemys and my heavy bolter give them from the flank the hell! love that shit :D

in van helsing we have lady katharina and in martyr that will be good too :) i mean in the campain we have other inquisitors that we fight.. and that will have 2 assins on his side.. i will do that too :D

there you can put all the other chars from the imperium in what is not an inquisitor. like an grey knight, spacemarine, techpriest or what ever.

i have vor long make a thread to that: Retinue :D

- MORE WEAPONS :D Where is my stormcannon? and my powerclaws? :D

+Forcing deebugging. 

an grate powerfull offensive against that buggs before making new stuff^^ to have an solide good function base of the game .

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5 years 211 days ago
Posted by Mitos 5 years 221 days ago
  • Main campaign fully playable in Co-Op

Does this mean you will make progression possible for co-op player on consoles? 

Just making campaign playable in co-op is worthless. Also playing as the support character is useless since he's dmg/hp won't scale enough to make him useful at all.

I hope you realize making co-op progress possible will definately boost this game. Currently there are only a few couch co-op games like this available.

I completely agree. My girlfriend is finally able to see what 40k is all about after hearing about it for years. Give her a character that she can make her own. Just because the support character's power rating is equal to the main character doesn't come close to making them equally as effective. Without choosing skills & equipment to work synergistically together she's a fraction as powerful as my character built with a specific focus in mind. 

On a list of requests this is number 1 with me. 

5 years 216 days ago

Option to play offline for consoles would be great

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5 years 217 days ago

hi there, and first: sorry for the not perfekt english! :D

-New Crafting will be a good thing. maybe to craft your owne Reliquie!

-I think more different tile set´s will be good for the game. at this time there is a lack of variation. and some tile sets you see only in the campain.

an Bunker on a plante looks exaktly the same as an void station. more variation is here welcome.

-it was an nice gimmik to play in the campain the baneblade and the knight. That kind of mission for the "normal" game will be welcoem :)

- more athmosphere feelings. like you call in an Air strike for the bunker buster mission.. okay.. you see  there is a littel bunker.. and the air strike is like an littel *piff* and its destroyed... i mean an air strike looks more like an Heavy atacke that bring destruktion with an grate explosion and stuff.. not an *piff*!

-For the guy that translate in German (VERY IMPORTANT!) : In many skill Descripptions is the wrong text. so that you have an wrong understanding of the skill´s and perks. i must say its realy realy confusing and i switch to english to understand what they exactly mean with the perks!

here an example: in the movement skill tree stays "-3% cooldown bonus for skills with longer than 1 sec cooldown". that is the english version. in german there stays: "-3 abklingzeitbonus für Fertigkeiten mit einer abklingzeit von weniger als 1 sekunde.".

okay... know i translate the actualy german in english and than we have that text: "-3% cooldown bonus for skills with LESS than 1 sec."

there is one word wrong and i have an absolute missunderstanding of the skill. The German word for longer is: länger! NOT: weniger

soo pleeeeeeaaase: look at the translation and korrekt it. maybe look for an new guy that translate and they know about german translation. in the alpha version on martyr it was okay for me to say you what is wrong in the translation.. know we have an game that is released and its nothing more my job to correkt you. i have payed more than the full price of the game. and no its not on me to korrekt it. its youre job!

i have no problem to make an Bug report or have an discussion about new content for the game.. but the translation is defetly youre job.. not my.. or you have to pay me for the translation :D

Sadly i must say: at the current state of the game, it feels like an Beta.. and dont missunderstand me. i like it realy and i enjoye it! but there is mutch more Potential.

In my opinion: make at this state not more new content.. maybe a littel bit nothing grate. look more to that what you have and make a grate poolishing with that!

and THAN... than you can make grate new DLC´s and what ether. or an companion system like that:

Companions :D

Youre Bolt Thrower

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5 years 221 days ago
  • Main campaign fully playable in Co-Op

Does this mean you will make progression possible for co-op player on consoles? 

Just making campaign playable in co-op is worthless. Also playing as the support character is useless since he's dmg/hp won't scale enough to make him useful at all.

I hope you realize making co-op progress possible will definately boost this game. Currently there are only a few couch co-op games like this available.

5 years 223 days ago

Great news! Hopefully not only for PC (like the roadmap says) but also for consoles!!! ...... 

5 years 225 days ago

Great, I'm sure everyone will have a better time! Glory to the Emperor !!!

5 years 227 days ago
Story mission playable in coop is exciting news.  The only thing better would be allowing my coop friend to be able to progress, customize & save their character. 
5 years 227 days ago

Will you also consider to optimize game engine?) 

I will suggest to put effort on PVE coop experience, I believe this is mostly attractive and must have for all modern games :)

5 years 227 days ago
I like the proposed update info. I do have a question though. Has any thought been given to replaying specific story missions at will? Or the storyline chapter by chapter maybe? Rewards may be different, I understand, but some additional replayability would be cool. Also, on that topic, being able to replay dlc mission arcs. I think as they are, one and done, is cool but being able to play over and over at will would bring more value to them. Again, rewards would be different from first time completions, but would still give something. If the mission selection feature encompasses this, then looks like we are already good, otherwise just a suggestion. Thanks for continuing to work on the game!
5 years 228 days ago
Main Campaign fully Coop. Not a big deal. For me at least it is not. For now, that is.

Revamped Crafting seems like a very interesting topic.

New Skills seems like a very velcome thing.

Curious to have a look on this Challenge System.

5 years 228 days ago
cant wait!!!

5 years 228 days ago

Great list of features!


Main campaign fully playable in Co-Op


Most wanted!

Best regards.