no snipers mark buff


Hi there and sorry for the bad english ;)

I have the skill "snipers mark" from the ranged combat" skill tree. but when i firing with my singel target skills on enemys i got no buff icon. not on the enemy not on even on me (i dont know that buff is work on me or enemys).

i testet this with my asasault gung singel target skills and my heavy bolter.

here the skill:

and here an enemy that i have been atacked with my singelk target skill (see the cooldown) and on the enemy is no buff to see (only the buff from the physical atacks tree) and on me is no buff to see. see here:

Thanks, your Bolt Thrower.

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no snipers mark buff
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5 years 204 days ago
hmm okay.

but it have an timer of 3 seconds.. even its better to see an time buff?

than its an feedback not an bug report :D

5 years 204 days ago
Please mind that a lot of passive skills have no buff icons - neither on the enemy nor on you. This is intentional!