This is the place where you can read little updates from the devs. We will update this topic if we have something new to share.

Important: Please note that - this is not a full list of in-progress fixes, improvements. 


  • A dedicated server update is now live. It reduces server CPU load by a great deal, hopefully improving multiplayer experience during peak hours.


  • Players reported that they get "Reconnecting..." when they try to play co-op  - known issue and will be fixed as soon as possible. 


  • Co-op is fixed, a new dedicated server is up.


  • Steam beta was just updated and it's gonna be once more tonight, so we can test it more extensively.
  • It's showing good progress as of now, things are improving on the inside.
  • We have to balance the assassin a bit more though.


  • Update is under testing atm, steam beta within 1-2 days
  • Release is gonna be this week unless we encounter a gamebreaking crash, bug etc, that takes long to fix


  • Assassin 
  • New maps with improved monster aggro system and setup, etc 
  • New map types 
  • Cabal system's basics 
  • Buttload of fixes 
  • New effects, visuals etc 
  • More music 
  • Streamlined loading (game will be buffered during travel animations etc)


  • Regular weekly livestream sessions after the update
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