New Sketchfab Model:

Corrupted Eradicator


Servo-skulls are handy (I bet you all have one), but even they are not immune to the forces of Chaos. Our latest 3D Sketchfab model is here, depicting a so-called Corrupted Eradicator. You can rotate, zoom and inspect its qualities.

The Eradicators used to be special Servo-skulls (fashioned from the skulls of loyal servants of the Imperium of Man), scouring the labyrinths of the colossal voidships to get rid of all types of vermin that might find a nesting place under the Gothic decks. But now they have been corrupted by the forces of Chaos and try to find new life-forms to eradicate.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments. 

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New Sketchfab Model: Corrupted Eradicator
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6 years 276 days ago

Really cool model.

6 years 276 days ago
It's.... beautiful, man
6 years 277 days ago

Needs something to show the corruption, i.e maybe a sickly glow or dripping contaminated fluids from its eyes or some sort of growth on it to show this.

Cool design and a bugger to fight.

6 years 278 days ago

These posts are awesome keep them coming please looking forward to seeing more of them.

Is it just me that thinks of the Lost Primarchs whenever i see the numerals II or XI on a servo skull?

Kudos to the whole team as always.

6 years 278 days ago

Looks great ! Any update on the October content patch ?