New DLC:

Heresy Emote



We're adding a small DLC to the in-game store (PC version), this time an emote called "Heresy".

Now, what is an Inquisitor without the urge, the right and the eloquence to accuse and to suspect that the facts, events and circumstances might be less than comparable to the Imperium's views? 

With this emote, you can do so, and declare or dismiss anything as Heresy. What you do about it after the fact, is up to you.

It will be available on Steam for $1.99, but you can also spend Fate at the in-game store to obtain it - 800, to be precise. For more information about the in-game store, read our previous blog post.

Enjoy and don't forget to return the gesture if offered by a fellow Inquisitor!

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New DLC: Heresy Emote
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4 years 248 days ago

We will re-check if some polishing should take place, thanks!

4 years 249 days ago

I think the emote mouth animation is a bit... "strange". Some Inquisitors might  have nightmares seeing it.