New Backend Up and Running - Servers are back



we're delighted to announce that the backend migration is now complete! Servers are now back up and you can continue where you left off. We double-checked the saved states during the process and everything should be in place, but in the rare case you find something went missing, let us know! Performance tweaks are in process so you might encounter some issues here in there but we will keep working on the emerging issues

If you took part in the Public Stress Test, don't forget to switch back to the Live version on Steam by right clicking the game and deselecting the Public Stress Test beta branch! We would like to express our gratitude to everyone who helped us testing the new backend. You all were of great help to the team!

Beside restoring the connection to the servers, we also released a patch, containing numerous bug fixes and some other changes. Check out the whole list below!

Patch v2.6.0

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed numerous sound issues regarding the music and other sound effects randomly cutting off mid-mission
  • Fixed an issue where the music would cut off after an in-game video cutscene
  • Fixed an issue where the Astral Blessing warp anomaly did not work correctly. It now applies the bonus damage only when the player is standing in the blessed area
  • Fixed an issue where the Maelstrom spell did not have any sound
  • Fixed an issue where the Warp Energy Redirection mastery for the Extermination spell did not work correctly
  • Fixed an issue where the Vulnerability mastery for the Maelstrom spell applied Warp vulnerability with an incorrect rate
  • Fixed an issue where the Enlarged area mastery for the Shockwave spell did not work
  • Fixed an issue where the Psychic Sequence perk did not stack the cooldown reduction values properly
  • Fixed an issue where the Psychic Sequence perk did not unlock immediately after completing the criteria for it
  • Updated spell durations or area values from masteries now correctly reflected on the GUI
  • Updated the Inferno spell's description
  • Fixed an issue where the player would lose a random active Psyker blessing when applying blessings at a certain order
  • Fixed an issue where the "Thunder Hammer of Blindness" and the "Grenade Launcher of Disrespect" had multiple relic enchants on them
  • Fixed an issue where the Daemonic enchant "Damage from Bleed dot" did not work correctly
  • Fixed an issue where the Plasma Pistol's Piercing Strike skill could not hit horde enemies
  • Fixed an issue where the Omnissian Axe Beta's Cleave skill sometimes played an incorrect animation
  • Fixed an issue where the Radical perk did not give the correct amount of resource regeneration
  • Fixed an issue where the "+5% Supreme Critical Hit Chance and +10 Critical Hit Strength against Slowed, Shocked, Stunned enemies" enchant did not work
  • Fixed an issue where the "+10% Damage Bonus for the next attack for every Hit Taken" morality enchant did not work
  • Fixed an issue where the System Influence column in the Mission Deployment was sorted by system name, not the Influence value
  • Fixed an issue where the Kastelan Robot(s) did not despawn after the Tech-Adept left the co-op session mid-mission
  • Fixed an issue where the "Crippling Blows" passive did not work with Psyker spells equipped with "Phase Through" or "Matter Displacement" masteries. You can no longer apply these two masteries at the same time for the same spell
  • Fixed an issue where the "Sort by Rarity" and "Sort by Level" buttons in the inventory could only sort one way
  • Added a buff & tooltip for the "Godlike_Minion_Damage_on_kill" enchant
  • Fixed an issue where the GUI did not show the correct number of maximum Psiloi Vivisectors/Combustors after applying the Mechasapient perk
  • Fixed an issue where the "Champion of the God Emperor" Crusader Heroic Deed was listed for other classes too
  • Numerous typo and string fixes in perks, heroic deeds and skilltrees


  • Heroic Deeds and Perks now exactly state the amounts needed to unlock them
  • Constructs are now teleported near the Tech-Adept if their distance gets too high or a cutscene is triggered
  • Suppression Damage Reduction's maximum value is now stated on the character page
  • The numbers are now colored everywhere in perk descriptions and passive skill descriptions
  • Added a "Reset to defaults" option to every tab in the Options menu, which resets only that specific tab's settings to the defaults


  • The Omnissian Axe Beta's Single Strike skill now has a Giant Killer tag
  • From now on all warp anomalies have an effect to all Psykers in the party (malevolent and benevolent too)

The Emperor protects.

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New Backend Up and Running - Servers are back
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1 year 277 days ago
This comment was deleted 1 year 273 days ago by Jim Fox
1 year 307 days ago

Unable to connect to servers as well.

name Stotch

Loc NA

verified, validated files, not blocked by firewall, have 126+ hours in game, now, unplayable for past few days.... same as many other people it seems.

This comment was edited 1 year 307 days ago by Stotch
1 year 313 days ago

Please read our latest announcement about the lost progress here:

1 year 313 days ago

I see tons of people have lost progress and even entire characters.  

I personally appear to have had my entire account rolled back 3 entire days.  I stopped playing several hours before migration knowing there might be some level of data loss.  But, 48-72 hours worth of data loss is an enormous amount of data to lose.

To clarify, it appears as my account is missing every single thing I did for at least 48 hours to 72 hours leading into the migration.

Not limited to but including:

-seasonal challenge rollback

-items I deleted are back in inventory, though not where they WERE, appended to the end of inventory

-all xp gains on all characters has been rolled back

-items gained are now missing

-items crafted are missing

-items that had been modified have been returned to their previous state

-Glory reflects what I recall as values of roughly the same 48-72 hours prior migration

-Glory rewards collected 10 hours before migration seem to have vanished

-Cabal missions appear to have been reset to their status as of 48-72 hours prior migration

-Cabal xp appears to also have been moved back to the same.

It appears that literally everything my account did, deleted, earned, gained, crafted, etc; has been restored to a server back up that was done 48-72 hours prior to migration of the servers.

Edited to add additional clarification to hopefully help solve the problem, or lead to Dev's saying oh well we cant fix that.  Which the later is what I expect we all all hear as the official response.

This comment was edited 1 year 313 days ago by glynix
1 year 313 days ago
Lost almost all my gear and dropped in levels. 
1 year 313 days ago
Logged on today i am missing over 30 lvls all my gear is gone off of my crusader i can not progress the story line keeps bugging and giving me a endless loop on the quest conversation 

1 year 313 days ago
I also lost my entire seasonal character that was created over the weekend, and 36 levels of progress with it. I'm not very happy I paid $25 for the tech-adept DLC just for all the work I did to be undone. 
1 year 313 days ago
Ive lost 25 lvls, my storyline isnt working (stucked), and alotta fate. probably your snapshots are broken - all gear is from levels higher than mine now. Funny. 
1 year 313 days ago

I can't log in to the game

1 year 314 days ago

Can you please consider rolling back whatever change you have made to the client-side sound processing? It's far inferior to what it was prior. VOs are often just completely not played, no notification of intel cogitator in the vicinity, etc. 

1 year 314 days ago
I lost about 25 levels (was at 70+, now at level 47). I did a whole bunch of work on my character on Sunday before maintenance for season rewards, including about 1200 fate. Now what?!?
1 year 314 days ago
Hello Devs,

my Account lost an entire Character, that i have created on Saturday, 30.07.22. Any Chance to get it back? 

1 year 314 days ago

Next time, take the snapshot *after* you turn off the services and *before* you migrate the databases.


-- I'm just annoyed at lost seasonal progress. Not too much but enough to be disheartening. If you really didn't take a backup after you turned off the services, make a statement to that effect on the forums, and let people know.

If you do have a back-up, take the game services down for some time asap, and restore the data to the actual last state prior to maintenance beginning, not some backup taken a day earlier.

Also, have a very serious talk to the DB team/guy responsible for the data migration, because this is something of a catastrophe in a software development world, and client service world. If you want an online-only game, you cannot make these kinds of errors.

That said, thank you for the game itself, I appreciate the obvious labour of love it is. 

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1 year 314 days ago

Just want to mention that I lost all progression done over the week-end. That's 14 level and all my gear upgrades. Any way to fix this?