Network Error trying to log on the game


I'am from Brazil, and got a Steam version of The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing, some time ago (2 months) i 'cant log anymore, give me the message Network Error, i send e-mail to support with no aswers, i can't finish this game because of my saved game is online.
I tying everything, i updated my account too, and just formated my pc, disabled my firewall and yet can't log, plz help me!

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Network Error trying to log on the game
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4 years 229 days ago

I read a solution in another blog that worked for me.

You have to change your email if it is not gmail, in my case, I was using hotmail, I changed the email from the neocore site, I followed some steps and when I tried to log in from the game, it worked!!!

It sounds stupid I know, but works