Neocoregames Give Me Back My Tech Fragments!


I'vn been played nearly 400 hours in the game,

most of them was spent on my techadepts,

for only one reason!the Tech Shards!

After endless farm days and nights,

I reached level 132  for my Combustor Lasgun,

At level 132, the number of fragments required for upgrading has reached 1.4 million,

With all my focus, I can get only 200000-250000 pieces per hour,

The level of weapons represents my every effort and every minute of time invested.

And you just deleted it, as if it's not a big deal,as if noghint ever happend,I don't even see an Apology or compensation plan.

This is a betrayal to all players who loved this game. You should be ashamed and start to solve this problem immediately, otherwise all players who pay time for this game will not agree!

I don't mean to threaten you. I'll just state a fact. From now on, every minute you don't solve this problem, you will see a flood of bad comments on steam!

pic 1 is my play time

pic 2 is my chat log screenshot,

shows  I was farmihng yesterday night till 2:20am,

which is the night of chinese new year,

I spend time with my wife and children,Until they fall asleep,I got my own game time,

picture took right after I get to level 132,the actual fragments needed is half the pictures shows,some display error I guess,

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Neocoregames Give Me Back My Tech Fragments!
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1 year 298 days ago
What is your account name? I will look into the issue.
1 year 299 days ago
Problem fixed for me, thanks!
1 year 299 days ago
Why is my account locked right after the fix?I 
1 year 299 days ago

UPDATE: Issue fixed!

The problem with the Tech-Adept Construct weapons has been fixed with a script just now. All involved account states have been restored to 7 hours prior to the patch release. Those who levelled their weapons ever since have received the corresponding number of fragments.

Let me know if you see still any issue or has problems.

1 year 299 days ago

Last friday has passed. Will it be fixed today or maybe later?

1 year 299 days ago
Any idea when this will be fixed? It's the week of the hoard, perfect time to get loads of good loot from high level missions, and we are still stuck with bugged de-levelled construct weapons...
1 year 304 days ago
Sorry for the trouble, we reverse back the changes to restore the original level of the TA weapons.

I hope we can do that within a day at most but even if we cannot, this is our highest priority at the moment so we will deal with it by Friday at most!

1 year 305 days ago

Hi devs,I see from discord that the missing weapon level is a bug and will be fixed,

I apologize for my bad attitude and look forward to your repair as soon as possible.