Neocore Catering to PC games, leaving Console gamers without.


Neocore why do you guys cater to the PC gamers and leave the console community in the dust. I know myself and others are upset with this. I am at the point where im about done with waiting for something that was supposed to realise in Q1. At this rate I will more than likely not be a returning customer for your business with your current practice.

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Neocore Catering to PC games, leaving Console gamers without.
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4 years 347 days ago

Our console team is fully on the matter, they are in the process of transferring, testing and fixing the content of Patch 2.0. This requires a longer period of time while there is a certification process the patch has to undergo first - this is why the patch hasn't been released yet on console. 

4 years 348 days ago
Everyone on console needs to stop comparing apples to oranges when it comes to release time windows. Neocore des not have the same resources at their disposol as Blizzard does.

Also when it comes to release dates keep in mind PC released on 5 Jun and Console Aug 23, 79 days,which is a little over 11 weeks. 2.0 released on Jun 20 so if you take into accont the 11w we're looking at a bare minimum of Sept 7th. That's if theres NO hangups between the cert teams at $ony and Micr$oft. Apperantly its been mentioned on live streams, numerous other "I want 2.0 now" comments AND the ROADMAP that the team is shooting for an Autumn/Fall release traditionally starting Sept 21.

As for allthe comments bout "you're going to loose players" or "by then we'll have Bordemlands 3 by then" more than likely you're not playing now and you wont be playing then anyways so ttheir not loosing aplayer whos not even playing sooooo.. JUST HAVE PATIENCE

If you care bout this game you'll be fine.

NOTE: I bought this day 1 one on both XB1 and P$4. But only play on Xbox cause P$$4 players were toxic
4 years 349 days ago
You will get exactly the same content as we do.  The progress of Certification for ps4 is a pain in the bum and takes ages. I was a  warframe player on ps4 for years and it would always take 1-2 months extra for us to get the latest big updates. And nobody can accuse warframe devs of favoring pc when they have a 10 man ps4 dedicated team. Just be patient. 
4 years 349 days ago

Neocore still does not understand that they have a huge problem of limited content and bugs. In addition to very big games will soon arrive. What are they doing ?
We players console, they give us the impression that we are sub players. They told us it's wrong now I do not cross them anymore. I bought the game from the beginning and I'm tired of waiting.

Strongly on September 13 that I can play borderlands 3. The least I'll have something to do and it will be less repetitive.

4 years 349 days ago
I real hope they stop releasing separated  content and start unifying them into 1 release at a time .. at least after 2.0+expansion.

like what we see with D3  once a content/season patch releases .. it does 'n releases on alll platforms at the same moment.

Also while at it . please give us some trophies to enjoy ... we have seen many story/missions dlcs 'n mini dlcs  without 1 of them with trophies.

4 years 350 days ago
I seriously doubt the game would be on console if it hadn't seen moderate success on PC first. It just makes sense that they'd focus development on the platform the game was first released and developed on. It was in early access for almost a year, and the feedback there helped improve it immensely.