Multplayer since1.0.3


I can't play multiplayer right now. I rubberband to the spawn point, I fall off the map, I re-get loot over and over (major dupe bug, got 3 purp warp rods all the same last night), and basically just am completely unable to play. It's been happening for 4 days straight and is happening at all times of the day or night. Rebooting routers, programs, laptops doesnt help, so I dont see how my cable connection is at fault. Which means its gotta be neocore or someone on the way? 

My ping is showing in the low 110s, sometimes, but I used to get much better performance even when it dropped to 200 or so previously and particularly in the alpha. I am tempted to ping but I doubt that's what the game actually uses so it's a pointless test if it isn't on my end and no one else in the house has this problem with their games. 

Help? Devs?

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Multplayer since1.0.3
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