Multiplayer Issues


I still get no items that are dropped during the missions in multiplayer. I can see them in inventory during mission, but they dissapear once the mission is completed. Only the reward items show up after the mission.

The same is with xp, which is shown in mission in the progress bar and then resets as soon as the mission is done.

I know it should be fixed, but it still doesnt do it for me or my guildies.

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Multiplayer Issues
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4 years 239 days ago
The Problems are still present, there are no Completion Screens after playing in Coop (Public + Party) - and the completed Missions aren't counted to the Achievement "Veteran of Battles" (I have completed 12 Missions so far - the Count is still "0")
4 years 241 days ago
Having this happen as well while playing through the campaign with my wife. Just lost 2 blue prints and a bunch of other gear.. it's  annoying as hell.
4 years 242 days ago
The XP bar resets when each player clicks on Quit, but you should get it anyway.

We are testing the missing loots in coop missions and will fix it as soon as possible!